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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Friday 10 December 2021


♥ Polar  Bears 

A couple of Christmas' ago I designed these little Christmas Polar Bears
 and they have since become firm favourites in our Christmas decoration collection.

Each bear stands approx. 13 cm tall and the pattern includes all the
 instructions you need to make the bears, the scarf, the balloon, 
the holly sprig and the gold star.


Then , one evening last year I spent a lovely couple of hours 
working on a completely unnecessary project that just had to be done .....

...... and here it is .... One bear in a Christmas Pudding Suit !

If you fancy having a go at the Bears and decide, like me, 
that you absolutely have to have one dressed as a Pudd here is the bonus pattern for you !

For the pudding: Using brown DK yarn and a 3mm hook chain 20. work 24 rows of DC, 
chaining 1 and turning at the end of each row.
To make the first armhole: In the next row DC 3, Chain 6, 
skip 6 stitches and rejoin back to the row. DC 10.
Work 18 more rows of DC. Finish off.
To join the seam and make the second armhole: Place the 2 short edges together 
and Sl St 10 DC together. Finish off. 
Leave a gap of 6 stitches. Rejoin your yarn and Sl St the last 3 stitches together. Finish off.
Turn inside out and place on the bear. 
Run a gathering thread around the top and bottom and pull up. 
Before finishing off add the stuffing to make the shape of the pudding.

For the topping: Using white DK yarn and a 3mm hook chain 26.
Row 1: *DC 3, increase in the next stitch.* Repeat from * to * to the end of the row, finishing with 1 DC.
Rows 2 and 3: DC 31.
Row 4: *Increase in the first stitch, DC 4* Repeat from * to * to the end of the row.
Row 5: To make the drip effect around the bottom of the topping I worked a random combination of the following cluster stitches to the end of the row. 
Begin by DC 4, then skip a stitch and work all of the following in to the next stitch: Drip 1: HTR + TR + TR + HTR, skip a stitch and Sl St back in to the next stitch. The two differnet sized drips are worked in exactly the same way by skipping a stitch then working all of the stitches in the next stitch, skipping a stitch and then a Sl St back in the next stitch.
Drip 2: TR + TR + DTR + TR + TR
Drip 3: DTR + DTR + TTR + DTR + DTR
Finish off.
Run a gathering thread around the top and place the topping around the bears neck and stitch at the back.
I worked two extra holly leaves from the pattern and stitched these in to place.

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