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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose



Blocking is a really fantastic way of getting all your crochet work flat and sized correctly.
I have used blocking when making granny squares and also to shape a square lap sized blanket.
It is so simple to do and the results are so impressive it really is worth taking the time to block before sewing squares together or finishing off a blanket. Even the most bizarre shaped, curled up squares are transformed after blocking !

 You will need: 
 ♥ Some rust proof pins, the pearl headed ones are great as they are a little easier to work with.
 ♥ A water spray bottle - I bought mine from Ebay for £1.95.
 ♥ Some children's foam floor tiles. I bought mine from Ebay as a pack of 4. Each piece measures 22" square. I have found the great thing with this pack is that the squares can be used singly or pieced together for larger bits of work. Mine cost £6.98.

All you need to do is to spray each piece with a light covering of water. This allows you to ease the crochet in to the shape that you want it to be.
Once the squares are damp carefully pin them on to the foam, again keeping the shape. Pin all around the edge to hold the crochet firmly.
And that is pretty much it !
Leave it to air dry for about 24 hours, or less if they feel dry before.


 Happy blocking.


  1. I'm relatively new to crochet in as much that I haven't done much since childhood, knittings more my talent. Anyway kept hearing about the term blocking and wondered exactly what I am supposed to do to achieve this. So now I know. Thanks

    1. Hi Mitzi
      It's so simple isn't it ? But so worth doing.

  2. I'll let you know. I have ordered some foam squares from Amazon £5.27 and free P & P which I thought was pretty good. I am waiting for them to arrive any day now so I will let you know how I get on with my blocking. I trailed all round our town centre looking for a garden sprayer and kept being told it's winter now dear you'll not get one till next year now. How wrong they were as Homebase came to my rescue with shelves full of them in two different sizes.


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