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Daisy Blanket

                                                             DAISY BLANKET  

                    For this blanket I used a size 4.5 needle and Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK.
                        Here is the pattern for one of the squares. I chose to work the main part of                                                     the square in htr's as I like the slightly more detailed look it seems to give. 

                                                   Chain 4 and join together to make a circle.
                                             Chain 1 and extend the loop to the height of a treble.

                                    * ( yrh, insert hook in central ring and pull up loop) x 3 times.

                                               yrh and draw through all loops on hook, 1 ch.
                                            Repeat from * 7 more times, sl st to join in first ch.
                                                   You should now have a circle of 8 petals.

                                  Finish off the circle and join in the next colour by pulling a loop 
                                            through one of the spaces between the petals. Ch 2.

                                             Then do 2 htr's in to the same space as the 2 ch. 
                                                   You will now have 3 htr in one space.
                         Into the next space work 2 htr, ch 2, and 2 htr. This makes your first corner.

                                               In the next space work another group of 3 htr.
             The next space is your 2nd corner so work 2htr, 2 ch and 2 htr all into the same space.
        Continue working the round and join together with a slip stitch into the top of your first chain of 2.

                                      Begin your 2nd round: ch 2 and then 2 htr in to the same space.
                                                           In the next space work 3 more htr.
                                                 The next space is a corner, so 2 htr, 2ch, 2htr.
                                                               Continue working round.

                                 All corners are 2htr, 2ch, 2 htr and all spaces in between are 3 htr.

                                 Add as many rounds as you like to get the size square that you want.
             To finish the square off and to leave yourself with a good joining edge work one row of dc all                        around the edge, making sure that on each corner you dc 3 stitches into the one corner stitch.

                 To finish the flower add a coloured centre by stitching a French knot into the middle.
                           I learnt how to do a French Knot by watching a video demo on YouTube.

and that is pretty much it!

  Happy Hooking!  


  1. I should definitely try this one. Very nice!

  2. I just followed a link to here from - this blanket is lovely! x

  3. Hi Kate, I love this Daisy blanket and I'm actually sat here making my first square. What method did you use to join all the squares together? I love the obvious uniformity of the joining on yours so would like to replicate that too...

    Many thanks and thank you also for sharing the pattern.


    Sharon xx

    1. Hello Sharon
      How exciting that you are starting a Daisy Blanket.
      I joined the squares by double crocheting the squares together. I did this by holding two squares wrong sides together and I then stitched all along one edge by hooking double crochet stitches through both squares. I found it easier to join quite a few at one time to get the continuity right.
      I hope that makes sense - if not just get back to me and I'll try and explain it a bit better !
      K x

    2. Awww thank you Kate, yes it makes perfect sense. I thought I could see that you'd kind of done rows and then joined those rows together.

      Did you do the edging in DC too??

      I've blogged the beginnings here ~

      I notice that you had to block yours, I think I will have to as well as they're a bit 'curly' lol....I'll keep you posted as I go.

      Thank you once again.

      S xx

    3. Yes, the edging was DC too, and I did enough rows so that I could fold it in half on itself to make a really chunky edge to the blanket.
      Yes, I did block mine, and it was so worth it as it made such a difference - there's something quite pleasing about turning crinkly squares into lovely flat ones !
      Looking forward to seeing your blanket develop , heading straight to your blog now.
      K x


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