Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Summer Daisy Garland

♥ Summer Daisy Garland 

This garland is made up of crocheted daisies, leaves, a long green crocheted
 chain and some florists wire.

Wool used : Sublime Egyptian Cotton.

I found the daisy pattern on Ravelry
As I wanted a solid look to my flowers I stitched the petal chains
 together at the back of each flower.

The leaf pattern was also from Ravelry.
I made leaves in two different greens to add depth to the garland.

For the garland chain I used the two green wools chained together
 and made to the required length.

I placed the garland on a large work surface and pinned the flowers and leaves in to place.
They were then stitched into place with a needle and thread.

To help the flowers and leaves keep their shape and to add a little stiffness I blocked
 them and then sprayed them with Fablon ( Ironing Starch ).

Once dried from the blocking I carefully threaded a long piece of thin florists wire 
through the long backing chain.
This not only gives strength to the garland but allows you to shape
 the loops as required.

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  1. These are such delicate looking daisies! I hadn't seen that one yet. (though have seen many

    Your work is beautiful! thank you for sharing with the Hooky World!


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