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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Meg's star blanket

This is a very simple and quick blanket to make.
The finished blanket measures: approx. 140cm x 160cm.
I used:
20 x balls of CHUNKY SPECIAL STYLECRAFT in Burgundy.
The blanket is worked in DC.

Using a size 8mm hook make a chain of 165.
ROW 1: Change to a 7mm hook and work along the chain in DC.

.ROW 2: CH 1. Work all the way along the row in DC.
Continue rows 1 and 2, always remembering to start each row with 1 CH.
Make your last row a RS row and finish off at the end of the row.
I used 18 balls of wool for my the main body of the blanket, leaving 2 for the edging.

I worked a crab stitch for my edging as I wanted something simple and a little weighty.
Before working the row of crab stitch I worked DC all the way
around the blanket using TWO strands of the wool.
This gives a good solid base for the crab stitch to go on.
Crab stitch is basically just a backwards DC.
Its very simple to do and this CRAB STITCH tutorial explains how to do it.
Because I was making this blanket to match some cushions I wanted to finish it off
by adding three little stars in the bottom right hand corner.

I used this pattern from RAVELRY for the stars,
making them in a 4 ply white cotton.

I then pinned the stars in place

and carefully stitched them down.

And the best thing about this blanket

is that I guarantee it will keep you as warm as toast !

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