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Super large granny square blanket

Super Large Granny Square Blanket.

The pattern for this large blanket is one of my favourites.
It can look so varied according to the colour or colours used and the size of the squares, but for this one I chose to work in one main colour and edge each square and the border with cream.

The pattern that I used is one that Heather from Little Tin Bird has on her blog.
I find that she explains things really clearly and her step by step photo's really helped me to get to grips with the design in no time at all.
It was one of the first blankets I made soon after learning to crochet and I was so pleased with the end result.

For my blanket I used Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK.

My blanket ended up being 6 squares wide by 7 squares long,
 and I'm pretty sure each square was about 14 rounds.
I then did a couple of rounds of DC around each square in cream.

The border was so simple to do as I crocheted a couple of rounds of DC around the edge of the whole blanket and then the ruffle was made by crocheting 3 TR's into each DC all the way round. 

The finished blanket perfectly fits a Kingsize bed.


  1. Nice post.........Super large granny square blanket.Different patterns with designs are very initiative.I would like to follow this process from blanket

  2. Hi Kate, love this blanket! Your colour choices are so modern and understated. Do you remember how many balls you used? I'd love to try this! X


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