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Immi's Uni Blanket

 Immi's Uni Blanket
This is a very simple blanket made using DC stitch throughout.
My finished blanket measures 142cm wide x 186cm long.
I used 20 balls of STYLECRAFT ALPACA DK in the colour Storm
and a size 4.5 mm hook.
To start make a chain of 240.
I used a size 6mm hook for this, changing to the 4.5 mm hook for the first row.
Just keep crocheting away in DC's until the blanket is the required length that you want.
Don't forget that at the end of each row you need to chain 1 for your turning stitch.
Because I always have various other things on the go at any one  time I find it really helpful to attach a little luggage tag to my work that reminds me of the wool, size of hook and stitch/pattern I am working with.
Once I had worked my blanket to the required length I chose to work my border in SIRDAR SNUGGLY BABY BAMBOO. I used a cream colour for my border.
The first two rows of the border were simple DC all the way round all four edges of the blanket.
This not only neatens up your edges but gives you a good foundation to work your border from.
Row 3 of my border was as follows: DC 2 stitches into one stitch, skip a stitch, work 2 Dc into the next stitch, skip a stitch and so on all the way round.
Row 4: Changing to cream work the same pattern as row 3 with the two stitches together being worked into the little gaps created in the last row.
Row 5: Change back to the grey yarn and work the row as for row 4.
I then worked a few rows of DC all the way around.
I think I did about 4 rows of this , but again this can be done to suit you.
The final row was worked in cream again and forms a bobble pattern.
It's called the Bobble Stitch Scallop and can be found by either following the link or going to
where there is a video clip to show how to work this border.
Once the border is completed make sure all unfinished ends are sewn in .
To finish my blanket off I added a little cream heart in the corner.
I followed this tutorial on YouTube for this.
And there you have it ..
one Uni blanket ready to go !
A special 'home hug' whenever it is needed.


  1. Hi, how many balls of wool did this take?

    1. Hi Stephanie, I used 20 balls.

    2. Thank you. Think I may have to have a go myself. I love the modern feel your choice of colours give.

    3. Hope you enjoy making it, K x

  2. Hi, how many balls of wool did this take, to make the size you did?

  3. Hi
    I just love your blankets, and especially this one!

    I´m thinking of doing two of this one to my inlaw parents as a christmasgift. I guess I´m mediumfast crocheting. Do you remember approximently how many hours you spent on this one, including everything?

    And I wonder, I couldn´t find it - maybe I missed the information - how many balls of the bambooyarn did you use?

    Many thanks for all inspiration!



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