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Spring Blanket

♥ Spring Blanket

For this blanket I used Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo double knitting and size 4mm needles.
I found this yarn knitted up really well and the finished blanket had a lovely soft and light feel to it.
I chose cream, pink, grey and green.
 For each square cast on 32 stitches.
Work the square in garter stitch.
The number of rows will vary according to the yarn you use, tension etc so the easiest way to make sure you have a perfect square is to fold the bottom left or right corner diagonally to the opposite corner at the top. When you have made a perfect square all the edges should meet making a perfect triangle.

Cast off each square and sew the ends in carefully.

In total I made 6 squares with 3 of the colours and 7 in the last colour,
 making 25 squares in total.

Before sewing the squares together I laid them out and pinned them together.

I then used a backstitch to sew the squares together, working in continuous lengths.

To finish the blanket I added a crochet border by working around the edge in DC.

I worked 4 rows of DC.
At the corners I crocheted 3 DC into the one corner stitch.

To finish the border I added a bobble edging. I used a pattern from Ravelry for this,
I slightly altered this pattern as I worked 5 SS in between each bobble.

And that's it !

When finished my blanket measured 83cm square.

Since completing my Spring blanket I have made a couple of other similar ones.

With this one I worked at trying to be a bit more random.

Some of the squares were crocheted and for this I found that a chain of 24
and a size 4mm hook made squares of
 the same size as the knitted ones.

Again once sewn together I added a double crochet all the way round.

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  1. Thank you Kate, for posting my request to make this blanket for my new grand daughters. I love your blog. Many Blessings. Pamela


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