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The Man Hat

♥ The Man Hat 

I have made several of these hats recently and they never fail to work out really well.
One of the things I love about them is that I have found that as long as the basic measurements remain the same any type of yarn can be used. 
I have made one in Chunky, one with 2 strands of DK and a super warm one with 3 strands of DK.
Consequently this is a brilliant pattern for using up all your odds and ends.
The hat works up to be lovely and stretchy, with the measurements below fitting an adult male.

I use a 6mm hook.
The hat in the photo's is made using 3 strands of DK in navy, pale grey and dark grey.

Begin by making a chain of 35 stitches.
Row 1: Tr into the second chain from the hook and in each stitch to the end of the row.
Chain 2, turn.

Row 2: Tr into the back loop of each stitch across the row.
Chain 2. Turn.
Rows 3 to 38: Repeat Row 2.

It is by going into the back loops that the stretch/ribbed effect is created.
Finish off the last stitch.

You should have a rectangle measuring approx: 28cm top to bottom and 50 cm wide.
I have found that this measurement is perfect width wise and allows for a turn up at the bottom of the hat.
If you prefer a hat without a turn up change the first chain of 35 sts to one that measures approx 25cms.

Next fold the hat together, joining the two short edges.
It can be quite helpful to secure the seam with pins to stop it from slipping.

I join the two edges together with dc's, but if preferred these could be sewn.


Then using a large darning needle run a gathering thread around the top of the hat and pull up.
If there is a small hole left use the remaining yarn to sew this up.

Turn the hat the right way out, fold up as needed and give it to a man !

 The original pattern was from Ravelry:

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  1. I am loving your patterns & will stop in here often! I'm more of a pastel girl myself & love to crochet, but always use other's patterns & make simple things. Keep up the good work! I'm an old "girl", actually a grandma!


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