Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Making bobbles

For this tutorial I am adding bobbles into a piece of crochet that is made up of htr's.
 I work the bobbles into the right side.

If I am adding bobbles in to a border I roughly work out the spacing by counting out how many stitches I want between each bobble.

                ♥ To start the bobble add in your new colour and work 6 treble stitches all into the                                                      same space as your last treble in the main colour.

               ♥ This will leave you with one main colour loop and 6 new colour loops on your hook.

                              ♥ To complete your bobble: yrh and pull through all seven loops.

                               ♥ This leaves you with one bobble coloured loop on your needle.

        ♥   Bring your main colour back into use now , yrh and slip stitch through the last bobble loop.

                ♥ Your bobble is now complete and you can continue on in your main colour for as                                                                          many stitches as you want for your spacing.

                                              ♥ Continue working as your spacing requires.

                                           ♥ I added a further 2 more bobbles along my row.

                  ♥ At the end of the row turn your work as usual and work a row of htr's. This next
                                                      row will secure your bobbles in place.

As your row goes across the top of the bobble you will find that it works out as 2 htr across each bobble. Sometimes it can be a little bit of a fiddle but if you remember that each bobble should have 2 stitches above it that seems to do the trick !

This picture shows the second stitch above the bobble, This is the stitch that can sometimes be a bit tricky.

This picture shows the back of the work. As I complete each bobble I cut the wool leaving enough length to allow you to sew the ends in . I find if you carefully pull the two ends taut it helps to neaten the shape of the bobble on the other side. I then tie the two ends into a knot, before finishing off by sewing the ends in.

                                              and there you have it - have fun bobbling !

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