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Super quick blanket

Super Quick Blanket
So here is my super quick pattern for a super quick blanket !
I used Stylecraft Special Chunky and Stylecraft Special DK in the colour Parchment.
I used 17 balls of Chunky and 1 ball of DK.
I found a 6mm hook worked best with this wool.

The finished blanket measures 135cm x 145cm.

Make a chain of 141, with the last stitch being the turning stitch.
Your total row will then be 140 stitches.
Make sure your chain is very loose, or alternatively use a hook that is one size
bigger when making your chain.

Working in Half Trebles ( HTR's ) make the main body of the blanket.
Remember to chain an extra stitch at the end of each row as your turning stitch.

I used 16 balls of the chunky for my blanket.

Once you have finished all 16 balls use the last ball of Chunky wool to stitch all the way
around the edge of the blanket in Double Crochet (DC).
I found there was enough wool to work two rows of DC.
In each of the four corner stitches work 3 DC in to the one stitch to allow your
 blanket to keep its shape.

Once you have completed the DC border use the DK wool to make a ruffle by
working three Trebles (TR's ) into each DC stitch all the way around the blanket.

I worked five Trebles into the three corner stitches to allow for
the shaping to stay consistent.

And that is it....

... very simple, very pretty ... 


... and very, very quick !

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  1. Hey, that's just lovely ! I guess that it keeps you really really warm. I am more into that lace and filet stuff, actually, but you just inspired me to start to crochet a cost, warm blanket hhhmmmm. I love your blog, greetings from Germany ( where t is spring but you still need handmade scarves outdoors, It's still quite cold ;-)


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