Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Robin/Songbird pattern

Robin and Songbird Pattern.
This page gives you the pattern for either of these birds. There are more photo's on this post page.


                                                   The pattern is soooo simple to follow.

I used DK wool and a size 4 hook.
DC 6 into a circle.
DC2 into each st (12sts)
DC1, DC2 into next st*around (18sts)

DC2,DC2 into next st*around (24sts)
DC around

DC3,DC2 into next st* around (30sts)
DC around for 10 rounds.

DC3,DC2 tog* around (24sts)
DC2, DC2 tog* around (18sts)
DC1, DC2 tog* around (12sts)
I tend to stop here to leave a hole big enough for stuffing but allow a long tail of wool for the last row.

DC2 tog around (6sts)

To make the wings:
DC 6 into a circle
DC2 into each st (12sts)
DC3, DC2 into next st* around (15sts)
DC around for 3 rounds

And that's the crochet bit done.
Next add two safety eyes,

a loop of ribbon if you want the bird to hang,

stuff with soft toy filling and sew up.
 As soon as you add the beak and wings - it stops looking like a blob with eyes and becomes a little bird !
( For the robins I sewed on a little red breast made from red felt and added two legs with jingly bells for feet.)

Have fun !

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