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Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Little Box of Crochet

I have such an exciting project to tell you all about today - 
and I have to start off by introducing you to the gorgeously, lovely Amanda !
Here she is, being her usual smilingly happy self,
and in her hands is her first, totally brilliant, Little Box of Crochet.

I first met Amanda through Instagram, and we haven't stopped chatting ever since.
 If you get a chance you have to pop over to Amanda's website 
to see the full back story to Amanda's boxes - 
she is one very strong lady, who in amongst huge adversity
 has put together her amazing new venture.

So far there have been three boxes, one for each month since November last year, 
and they come through the post wrapped up in a perfect parcel shape.
 Before even looking inside, the box itself  draws your first little squeal of excitement
as the colours and design are perfect in every way.

The lid even has a deliciously slow slide as it opens, 
just to keep the suspense going that tiny bit longer !

 And then, once you're in, 
it is a thing of total wonder and every crocheters dream - 
everything you need to make a beautiful and bespoke crochet design, 
all in one box and all delivered to your doorstop.

The November Box was designed by Kate from Greedy for Colour,
and contains all the materials needed to create these
 three perfectly magical little toadstools. 
There is exactly the right amount of yarn in each box, 
all carefully wound in to balls by Amanda and her daughter Jenny, 
and step by step instructions are beautifully printed in a coloured leaflet.

Decembers box seemed to follow very swiftly behind Novembers and oh,
 the excitement when we found out that the designer for this box was
Everything needed to make Heather's heavenly wrist warmers was again neatly
 packed in to the box and there was even a little mini hand warmer too !

And then .... along came January's box, and guess who the designer was ? 
Little old me - nervous squuuuueeeeeaaaalllll !!!!
So, no surprise as to the design this month as Amanda and I had spent
 many a happy text and email deciding what to make,
 how we wanted to it to look, what yarn to use and so on.

Tucked neatly in to the box was everything needed to make my design, 
as well as some little extra surprises ... 
a pompom maker, a tiny little beaded stitch marker and there was even a
 tea bag for that essential cup of tea that is always needed when starting a new project.

And this is the design that we eventually decided on ....

a cosy (and bobbly ! ) ear warmer.

It's been so much fun and such a pleasure to have worked on this 
project with Amanda and I have absolutely no doubt at all
that her beautiful Little Boxes of Crochet will continue to be much anticipated
 and much loved by lots of very happy crocheters all around the globe.


  1. I am every so intriqued by this new Little Box Of Crochet. I am in US, so the expense would be a lot more for me. I love the projects. Ever so cute and fun!
    Love, love, love your design!
    xo Kris

  2. Aw Kate! Thank you for saying all those lovely things! I really enjoyed working with you and can't wait to do it again! You did a fantastic job! Big hugs xxx

  3. What gorgeous little boxes and such a wonderful idea. How lovely to get those little kits through the post and their presentation is beautiful! Well done for your box!

  4. The ear warmers are absolutely brilliant, and I love the idea of the kit in a box. The mushrooms are really great too.

  5. Hi, what a great idea, love the boxes and kits. These will make such lovely gifts, I have few people in mind who would love to receive one of these (birthday pressies sorted).
    Thank you for sharing, well done.

  6. I love these little boxes, such a lovely idea to have everything ready to go in a kit, especially for people like me - every time I start a project I spend quite a lot of time agonising over what yarn to use :o) Love your contribution and very pleased for Amanda too, the boxes seem to be a roaring success. Have a happy crochet week xx

  7. Congratulations on being January's designer. I've only found out about these little boxes today on February's designer's blog.

  8. They're soooooo cute! Congrats on your design I out, it's really lovely too :)

  9. "design input", I really should check my replies before hitting OK lol

  10. Oh how perfect they look, and how exciting for you! Gorgeous design Kate, and very much your style!
    Gill xx


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