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Saturday 15 August 2015

Meadow Picnic Blanket

Now I know I said I was going to take a couple of weeks away from blogging
 to concentrate on all things wedding ....
but I just had to pop back quickly to share some photo's
from this weeks 'Crochet With Kate' over on the Blog with you.
I had soooo much fun designing and making my Meadow Picnic Blanket
and if you fancy having a go the pattern and tutorial is all
 there waiting for you from today .. and, better still, it's all completely free !
 The squares are made in HTR's and as its made in a Chunky yarn
 it works up so quickly that you'll have it off the hook in no time at all.
There was something seriously therapeutic about sitting quietly
hooking a pile of green squares ...
they do say green is a calming colour,
 so maybe that had something to do with it too !

The bobbly border added all the way around the edge
 reminds a little of lots of lovely hedgerows,

and with a sprinkling of daisies added to the finished blanket

 you have your own personal meadow ready and waiting for those sunny
afternoon picnics ....
and just in case the sun doesn't appear...
with a few strategically placed pillow and some toy farm animals ...
you have the best toy farm mat ever !!
Full details can be found here:



  1. That's so sweet!! I love what a perfect play mat it makes!!

  2. I spy Party Rings...yum. Your blanket is absolutely beautiful Kate, as is everything that comes off your hook.

  3. Beautiful!!! Love the sprinkling of flowers! Hope that the preparations are all going well and that the wedding will be fabulous! xx

  4. What a lovely, lovely blanket for a picnic. And I absolutely love it as a play mat as well, what a brilliant idea. Well done you, it's perfect for this time of year. I hope all is going well with the wedding preparations. No doubt you are on top of it all. CJ xx

  5. That is such a cute blanket, Kate. I really like the different shades of green.

  6. Fabulous!! My favourite colour, a patchwork blanket, can't think of anything better. It's lovely Kate. Hope wedding preps are all under control. Jane xx

  7. So clever to use as a playmat, I'm totally pinching this idea!

  8. What a wonderful blanket. A simple pattern but such a treat for the eyes. The different shades of green are very soothing and the flowers just make the blanket special. Viola

  9. What a gorgeous blanket....simple but clever at the same time! I love the scattering of daisies. Hope all the wedding plans are going well.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox


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