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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A start, a middle, an end ... and two winners !

Oooh, so much going on this week -
and very helpfully the things I am working on all categorised themselves rather
 nicely in to a start, a middle and an end ... making a very neat and tidy blog post !
My start probably shouldn't really be happening -
 I really don't need any new distractions right now but I couldn't help myself
 - it just happened.
One evening in the week I thought I'd just give tapestry crochet a go
having had it on my to do list for quite a while.

Well ! No-one warned me how utterly addictive it is and before you know it,
yarn had been ordered and a new blanket was under construction.
My middle is the wedding garland that I am making for Meg's wedding.

It's coming together bit by bit,
and there are lots of giant safety pins piling up with leaves and petals and all sorts.
There's also an awful lot of ends - but I'll worry about that later !

And my end is a little baby blanket that I have just finished making for a friend.

Lots of lovely uncomplicated DC to soothe away the stresses of the day,
it's been such a lovely project to work on ...

... and now its all wrapped up and on its way to a baby shower.
 The other end this weekend is the end of my second bloggy birthday Giveaway.
Thank you so much to everyone who entered -
it's been an absolute pleasure hearing from you all
and having lots of you stopping by to say hello.
All the entries from my blog, Facebook and Instagram
have been written down, cut in to little strips
( yeah ... thanks Otto )

folded in half,
put into a giant teacup

my two lovely winners are......

Tracey Wood and Jane from Flowerhouse !!
Woo Hoo - congratulations ladies.

If you drop me your details by email or PM
I'll get your little packages straight in the post to you.

                                Have a lovely week everyone.                                   



  1. I do hope you will share more on the crochet tapestry front, I would love to try, it looks amazing. Am also rather inspired by the garland. Its my daughters 18th in January and I like the idea of producing something to festoon the hall for her Ceilidh.

    1. Hi Sara - Yes, I shall definitely try and do a post on tapestry crochet and as far as the garland goes all I can say it watch this space over on the blog ! K xx

  2. Congratulations to Tracey and Jane. I was lucky enough to win Kate's giveaway last year so I know you're going to love it when your parcels arrive. Busy as ever Kate and still more lovely things being created. X

    1. .... and you've been hooked on teapig teabags ever since !! Have a good week Mitzi, K xx

  3. Well done Tracey and Jane. I love the new blanket, it looks like it's going to be a thing of beauty, as does the lovely wedding garland. You're making good progress! CJ xx

    1. Thank you CJ - the new blanket is a lot of fun ! K xx

  4. Congratulations to the winners. Your projects are looking beautiful. I think that's a lucky baby who will get that lovely blanket.

    1. Thank you Jennifer, hope you have a good week all the way over in the USA, K xx

  5. I'm so inspired in what you achieve over a period of time , I think I need to manage my time better have not picked up the needles for a long time. Been busy sorting out garden and painting and this weekend (must be mad) with daughter/son in law taken on an over grown allotment what was I thinking. I am sure we will work hard and have a lot of fun getting the ground ready. hopefully will get a lot of inspiration on Thursday cannot wait going to Hampton court flower show.
    Congratulations to the winners of your lovely two give always.

    1. Ooh how lovely to be off to Hampton Court ! That can be your reward for all your hard work :-), have a lovely time, Kxx

  6. Thank you so much Kate, I'm chuffed to bits at being one of your giveaway winners. Lots of lovely makes this week, I'm seriously in love with your tapestry blanket squares, they're going to look fab all joined together. Baby blanket is gorgeous, lucky little babe; I'm desperate to make a baby blanket but there haven't been any babies within the family or friends for years - they will all come together, like buses, no doubt :o) Have a lovely week.
    Jane xx

    1. I'm delighted too Jane ! It's a bit like that in our family at the moment although the weddings are starting this year so hopefully the next generation won't be too far behind ! I can't wait, can you ? Little parcel all packaged up and will be in the post tomorrow, Kxx

  7. Love your new squares, and I cannot wait to see more!! Congratulations to your two winners! xx

    1. Thank you Amy, I have now made the grand total of ! K xx

  8. Congratulations to Tracey and Jane! They are sure to enjoy your beautiful giveaways. Your crochet projects are beautiful X

  9. Congratulations Tracey & Jane.

    Loving the squres with the pretty little hearts, they are just so sweet. Great colour combinations too x x x

    1. Thank you Gem, I sometimes worry that my colour choices are a little grey and beige - but they are always the shades I seem to be drawn to ! K xx

  10. I just love those tapestry crochet heart squares! Beautiful!! And the baby blanket is gorgeous with the white bobbles on blue - love it! Looks like you've been very busy with more wedding crochet too, its all looking so pretty!
    Gill xx

  11. Just catching up and loving all your beautiful new makes! Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Kate, you have a lovely blog which I always enjoy visiting. Congratulations to the lucky winners of your giveaway.
    Helen xox


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