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Monday, 6 July 2015

Bobbles for babies ....

You probably won't be at all surprised about this but this little baby 
blanket makes me very, very happy....... Why ?
Well, mostly it's because there are bobbles and a ruffle
 - two essentials in my book -
 but also because it was a pattern I put together that just worked ! 

You know how sometimes you make something and as you work you
 think to yourself...if I did this again I'd change that, 
and I'd probably do this bit a bit differently ... well, 
I can honestly say that didn't happen with this one. 
It all just sort of came together.
 Add to that the fact that being small and compact it's relatively quick to 
make in terms of blanket production .... and there you have it....
happiness in a blanket !

For this red and white one I used Bamboo Cotton. 
I really love working with this wool, it's so soft to touch 
but still works up to give that lovely cottony texture and weight.

   The blanket is worked in DC, with the bobbles made in TR's
 and I used a 3mm hook.

The finished blanket measures approximately 50 cm x 60 cm
making it the perfect size for a buggy or car seat.

For this grey one I used some Stylecraft DK that needed finishing up,

and to keep the lovely soft feel I added a thin cotton jersey lining on the back.

If you fancy giving it a try the full patterns details are 
over on the blog, in the Crochet with Kate bit.

At some point I really hope to get all my tutorials added to my sidebar
 but it just doesn't seem to be happening right now...
... hey, ho day.


  1. Lovely! Bobbles and ruffles - a match made in heaven I think. Have a good week.
    Jane xx

    1. I couldn't agree more Jane ! You too, K xxx

  2. Love these little blankets. I read the post on love crochet and it was so much clearer that any I had read previously so I had another go ( having sworn never to bobble again following the mixed stripe blanket) and I think I might be persuaded to go ahead with a bobble... not like I have any other WIPs going ( not!!)

    1. Thank you Sara, that's so good to hear - because I often read the tutorials back thinking it all makes perfect sense to me, but at the same time I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that it does to everyone else too ! You absolutely must let me know how you get on ! K xx

  3. Lovely baby blankets Kate. I've just finished one baby blanket and on the final leg of a second.

  4. They are gorgeous Kate, you have such a talent. I love the way you present your finished blankets, makes them look a million dollars!! L A x

  5. They are perfect. I love the red and white one, dare I say it in July.... it reminds me of Christmas :) x x

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I made one for a friend's new baby girl last week and she loves it!


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