Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Perfect Pootling ...

A long weekend + absolutely nothing planned + husband away for a couple of days
 = the time for some serious pootling.
Now that's the sort of sum I like !

Nothing stressful, nothing of any great significance ... just simple, perfect pootling.

No meals needing to be cooked, no mounting pile of laundry, no clearing up after anybody.

There was time for kitchen pootling when my lovely circus heart light arrived in the post
 and the right spot needed to be found for its new home.

There was gardening pootling, involving tidying of pots, a little replanting 
and making tidy the corner by the back door.

There was sitting drinking tea in the sunshine pootling,
just enjoying the warmth of the sun and the smell of the lilac.

It would seem Lilou enjoys a bit of gentle pootling too.

And then there was even time for some wedding pootling 
 - slightly more organised pootling was needed here, 

                           so a production line was set up with Beth on the sewing machine, 
                                                    Meg on turning inside out duty
                                        and me on pulling out the points and ironing duty.

A lovely afternoon passed with the sewing machine whirring away and 
wedding songs being listened to and chosen.

And several hours, many cups of tea and about 50 metres of bias binding later
  'Make Wedding Bunting ' is another thing
 to be ticked off the wedding  'to do' list.

Truly a weekend of perfect pootling.

Here's hoping your weekend was also filled with
 all the things that you wanted to do.


  1. I think it was best that hubby was away for this kind of weekend he would only have got under foot.

  2. It looks like a fabulous weekend Kate :)

    1. Yes Annie - it was just the sort I like. Hope yours was full of lots of baby cuddles, K xx

  3. Oh what a blissful weekend. Your corner by the back door is gorgeous, and I love the lilac in the pot. It's not something I've thought of growing in a pot, but yours is doing beautifully, I shall look out for one. Well done on the bunting, it's really pretty, and how lovely that you all made it together. CJ xx

    1. Its like a little miniature lilac CJ and the smell is just amazing. We found it hidden away around the back of the house when we moved in and the following Spring it just burst in to life ! K xx

  4. Oh that sounds like the best kind of pootling! I hope it continues this week too! Xxxxx

    1. Wishing you lots of happy pootling too Vanessa, K xx

  5. Please can I sit by your back door and drink chai with you?

  6. It sounds like a perfect weekend of pootling!!! What could be better. The bunting is beautiful! I am sure that it is going to be the best dressed and most beautifully crafted wedding in your part of the world for all of this year!!! xx

    1. Aww, thank you Amy _ I'm sure you'll all be sick of me talking about it by the end of the Summer ! K xx

  7. Oh perfect, very envious of your lovely kitchen corner, and the bunting is so pretty. A perfect productive weekend :)

    1. Thank you, I love a bit of bunting, don't you ? K xx

  8. A perfect pootling weekend. Sounds like bliss. Your garden looks very comfortable to relax in.

  9. A lovely post, Kate.....such perfect pootling with some very pretty results! I love the production line bunting making, such a great way to do it!
    Helen xox

  10. Your kitchen and garden look so welcoming, and the bunting is very beautiful. X

  11. Fifty metres? Yikes! Just the most perfect choice of fabric though - those teeny rosebuds are simply gorgeous. xx


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