Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 18 May 2015

Happy days ....

This last week has been busy, busy, busy 
with lots to squeeze in before the weekend.
 It has all been 'fun' busy though so I'm not complaining
 - it's just sometimes it would be really helpful if you could cram a couple 
of extra hours into some days !

For starters it was my turn to do the village church flowers.
I love doing these.
It's such a beautiful old church and the calm and quiet surrounds you 
the minute you walk through the door.

Next job was to hire some cake tins to make a rather special Birthday cake for my Dad.
A bit of a shindig was planned for Saturday and a cake would definitely be needed.

It has to be said that just lining the tins was a job-and-a-half but there was no way
 I was going to risk this one either getting stuck,
 or disintegrating in to a pile of crumbs when the time came to take it out of the tins.

The smell of chocolate cake that filled the house whilst it was cooking
 was truly intoxicating.
I found the recipe on the BBC Good Food website, and rich 
doesn't even begin to describe it !

A long overdue trip to the hairdressers was squeezed in mid week 
- and I can't lie - 
that bit of the week really wasn't hard work at all.
Infact, it was 2 hours of sheer heaven, 
I went for the full works and made the most of every self-indulgent minute of it.
But I did make sure it wasn't all completely me, me, me 
as I left with three goody bags for three daughters,
 to get three lots of wedding beautiful hair for August.

Cake cooked, it was time for Ganache icing and then more chocolate overloading,
well ... you're only 80 once aren't you ?

And then, a quick trot down the road to get the village hall all ready for the big surprise.

Being 1 of 4 siblings and with each of us having produced several 
more family members we total about 30 when we all get together these days
 and for the grand sum of £40.00 hiring the hall for the day seemed the perfect option.

And the best thing of all was that it was a complete surprise for Dad,
he thought Mum was taking him out for coffee at the Garden Centre !

Once back home, full of bubbles and cake, there was still plenty of time to give Lilou 
lots of extra tummy tickles and hugs as it was her Birthday too ! 
She has reached the grand age of 8, 
and since Otto arrived she has definitely taken on the role 
of 'older, much more sensible dog.'

By the time yesterday came it was really lovely to have absolutely nothing planned at all,
 other than a little bit of blocking ...

and lots of tea drinking around the kitchen table, 

where there are two beautiful reminders 
of happy days spent with family.

I hope you and yours have had just as lovely a weekend.


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to your Dad.

  2. What a lovely weekend and it's certainly an exciting year with an 80th birthday and a wedding. Is that a wedding shawl I see blocking on the table? The cake looks amazing, so too do your church flowers. Best birthday wishes to your dad. Have a great week xx

    1. Yes, its definitely a year packed full of celebrations - we have Immi's 21st too in a couple of weeks time. And yes indeed, that is the infamous Goldilocks Wrap being blocked within an inch of it's life ! Have a lovely week Jane, K xx

  3. Your Dad looks AMAZING! Are you sure he's 80? There must be some pretty good genes in your family. The hall looks super, as does your cake. As you know, I don't bake so am always wildly impressed by anyone who can.

    As for your shawl - goodness Kate, it's looking absolutely gorgeous. Just love the frilled edging.

    Oh and happy birthday to Lilou too!


    1. Thank you lovely Heather - Dad would be very happy to hear that ! Looking forward to a bit of a shawl reveal v soon now ... K xx

  4. Your dogs are so beautiful! Happy Birthday to your Dad! I wish I could arrange flowers like you can! Bet the church is lovely.

    Thanks for a great post!

    1. Thank you Jane, I managed to catch the dogs when they were looking their most angelic ! ( Doesn't happen often ) K xx

  5. What a nice weekend. Your dad's birthday party sounds like a lot of fun and how beautiful is that cake for him? You did a great job with it. I love your shawl and all the flowers too. Happy birthday to your dad and Lilou too! Hope you have a great week, Kate.

    1. Thank you Jennifer, it was a great party. Have a lovely week all the way over there where you are too ! K xx

  6. I'm seconding what Pink Milk said, your dad does indeed look amazing. Excellent genes indeed. The cake is sensational, well done you. And what a pretty village hall. I hope he had a good day, I'm guessing he did. CJ xx

    1. We certainly managed to pull the surprise off I think - his face was a picture when he came through the door ! K xx

  7. A lovely post Kate, there's nothing like getting everyone round the same table. It must be so nice to live in a village with a good village hall for hire. L Anne x

  8. What a lovely post Kate. How nice to get everyone round the same table, it just shows how much they all think about your Dad. L Anne x

    1. Thank you Anne, it was a very special day ! K xx

  9. Such a lovely post, Kate! Your church flowers are beautiful, and I can just imagine the calm and peaceful atmosphere there. Happy Birthday to your father....what a wonderful party, and a gorgeous cake! And Happy Birthday to Lilou too :)
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you Helen, the cake certainly disappeared mighty quick ! K xx

  10. Oh Kate what a lovely day you all had with our dad and he certainly doesn't look 80 does he. The cake was lovely too and what else do you have with it but bubbles. I see your lovely long table has come in very useful with blocking what looks to be your Goldilocks wrap I am assuming there will be a photograph of you modelling said wrap in your next post or two.
    My little Monty will be 8 next birthday and with a 4 year old and two 3 year olds to keep in check he is definitely the old gentleman of the pack although sometimes he does forget and think he's as young as they are.
    Have a lovely week.

    1. Don't you love it though Mitzi to see the eldest one charging around like a puppy again !
      You have a good week too, K xx

  11. What a lovely weekend! A highlight of life and love, I think. And you had your hair done.

    1. Lovely indeed Angel Jem , and oh yes, the hairdressers ... big happy sigh ! K xx

  12. Happy things indeed! I love the photo of you and your dad. It looks like a lovely celebration. The cake looks amazing too.
    Marianne x

  13. Wow! Youthful looks obviously run in the family! Not only do you look like your in your 30s, but your dad looks about 50 not 80!! So glad you all had such a lovely time! X

  14. Gosh, your dad looks fantastic for 80! What a wonderful surprise for him. Your cake looks very appetising, you can't beat a moist chocolate cake! X


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