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Monday, 19 January 2015

Toastie !

Round our way its certainly been more than a little chilly lately -
so I thought I'd just pop by with a couple of very quick makes for keeping
 all those sticky out exposed bits as warm as toast.
Both projects are sooo easy -
 if you can knit, you can make these !
The first one is a super cute little headband for keeping your ears snuggly bug and
not being a lover of hats this is right up my street.
( Infact, I'm even wondering if I could get away with something like this at Megs wedding
 ... mmmmm .... probs a bit warm for August ! )

I found the pattern for this on Ravelry
( )
and its all worked in a simple Moss stitch.
I think this might be called Seed stitch in America and it is so simple,
 just a purl stitch, followed by a plain stitch all the way along the row,
 with the next row working the same stitches but with
  purls over the plains and plains over 
the purls in the previous row.
Easy peasy.
I made mine in some chunky yarn that I had left over from a blanket,
and it knitted up so quickly that I had it finished in a couple of evenings.

It's basically just a rectangle for the band,
 a smaller rectangle for the bow 
and an even smaller rectangle for the band that goes around the ribbon.
( For those who are not bow lovers some crochet flowers would look just as cute I reckon. )

As you can see from this hastily snapped photo yesterday
I am one very happy dog walker 
with very toastie ears.
So, ears sorted it was on to tackling that gap between where your 
coat ends and your headwarmer begins.
It has to be said that there is definitely not a shortage of either knitted or crocheted
 scarves in our house but I saw this wool on Friday and into my bag it went .
( I hasten to add that no shoplifting was involved and I did pay in full before leaving the shop ! )

It's a lovely soft super chunky weight called weekender from Stylecraft.
Grey, of course, was the colour of choice and I bought two balls.

There is no pattern for this as it couldn't be more simple.

Cast on 30 stitches and work in garter stitch until you have used both balls of wool,
 leaving a small amount to join the two ends together.

And there you have it ...
one snood/cowl/wrap around scarf.
I haven't actually taken this off today as whilst my office at Nursery is lovely 
and bright with lots of windows and a stable door, its also a tad chilly at times.
I'm still not quite sure I've finished it though 
as I'm very tempted to add some kind of a border ...
watch this space, I may be back with further additions.

Stay warm everyone.


  1. Just fabulous, fun and practicable, not a hat lover myself-it squashes my hair (not that I am super vain!-well maybe a tinsy bit).
    It really is cold at the moment.
    Stay warm too,
    Helen x

    1. Nope, can't be doing with hat hair either ! Stay snuggled up and warm, K xx

  2. Love them both Kate. I've just finished a pair of fingerless gloves so am looking for another project. Cold up in Yorkshire too but not as bad as the weatherman predicted - yet!! . L Anne xx

    1. These are both very quick Anne, and useful to boot ! K xx

  3. They're both lovely Kate, classic timeless items that go with everything. They are sure to go on many a dog walk! We had a flurry of snow here today and I had to wear two scarves to keep the cold out! J x

    1. No snow here but if her was I'd definitely be in the two scarf club too, kxx

  4. I love the headband! I used to wear one all the time. It's a great way to keep your ears warm.

  5. You look so lovely in your earwarmer!! It definitely suits you. Love your cowl too and it is a gorgeous shade isn't it! xx

  6. Gorgeous makes, you're so productive! Funnily enough I was just looking at ear warmers on Ravelry yesterday. It's all of this chilly weather I think. I hope you're having a good week. CJ xx

    1. I reckon it could start a whole new trend down at the allotments ! K xx

  7. Lovely Kate😀 I made cowls as presents for work colleagues this year and all three have been wearing them to work in this chilly weather. Isn't it nice to see the fruits of your labours appreciated. Stay warm.

    1. It really is - because you know you gave the perfect present ! K xx

  8. So lovely! And both look super cosy. I'm so tempted by an ear warmer thingy , looks toasty warm!

    1. You should definitely give it a try Jill, can highly recommend it on snugliness, K xx

  9. I love your blog Kate...and I love the garter stitch. Love the works you're one creative talented woman.

    1. Thank you Pamela, and thanks for dropping by as always, K xx

  10. Oooooh I LOVE your ear warmer, it looks very snug and such a lovely cowl too ..... busy bee!
    love Jooles x x x

  11. Both fab projects Kate. Yesterday I finally taught myself to cast on and have started a cowl myself. (no pattern) Anyway, I cast on sixty stitches and am now worried it's going to be too's Aran though not chunky. Have I stuffed up ?

  12. I've just found your blog, although I think I may have been here before, and I just love it. Your head scarf is SO CUTE!! I bought a pom-pom maker today and have been making pom-poms tonight to make a garland like yours. I'll be sure and give you a linky on my blog when I post the final pics. I've bookmarked you this time, so I'll be back! Oh, your dog is so pretty! I love Weimaraners! I have five dogs myself. Yikes!

  13. I can't say the bow's for me - I wear a hat to keep my whole head warm on chilly Welsh dog walks - but I love the cowl! Nicely done :o)

  14. Gorgeous cosy makes, Kate. I love them all and you look lovely and warm there. I have lots of woolly scarves and even wear them in the house sometimes....but now I need a cowl like yours :)
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox


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