Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 12 January 2015

A pompom pm ...

2015 has started with some very gentle pootling,
nothing too thought demanding,
nothing that needed to be done in a rush,
just a very simple make to breathe a little breath of fresh air into
our lounge after all the Christmas decorations have gone.
It's a little too early for a Spring flower garland
and I just can't bring myself to fill vases with daffodils too soon after Christmas
 - I need to feel the first tinglings of Spring for this.
So, instead, a pompom garland,
made in a soft, neutral tone,
maybe to suggest those cold frosty days that will still linger for a while.
And so the kitchen table became a little hive of pompoming activity on Saturday afternoon
- a pompom pm if you will !
No need to rush out and buy new yarns as this is the best way to use up all your leftovers -
 some cream chunky wool in my case -
and apart from that all you need is scissors, cord and of course ...
a pompom maker !
Now I am of the Blue Peter era where pompoms were made using two
cardboard circles cut out of a cornflake packet -
but oh, how times have moved on !
I have to confess to being more than a little stumped when I first saw a pompom  maker,
partly because I just couldn't imagine how the person who invented it had the
thought processes to design such a nifty little thing
 - its as far removed from two cardboard circles as it is possible to be !
And yes, further confessions, I had to look up a Youtube
 video to work out how to use it.
It just seemed to be an object of moving bits
with two curved arms that swung out and then, to add further confusion,
it came apart in the middle !
Writing all this now I realise how dim I was probably being as, once you
 know how, it couldn't be more simple.
You wind round one arm,
you wind round the other arm,

 you snip all the way round,

and tightly tie a piece of wool around the middle.

pull apart,

give your pompom a little trim

 and there you have it...


 a beautiful little pompom to do with what you will.
 It can be added to scarves, mittens, hats,
 cushions, blankets, clothing ... 
 ... you decide !

 Mine were destined for a garland,
so were threaded onto some thin piping cord.

 and ceremoniously hung on the fireplace !

Otto very much wanted to be in this photo
and he also wanted me to point out that no,
he absolutely has not had a little nibble of the pompoms - as if !

And what better than afternoon of pompoming ?
Someone else to pompom with !

It turns out that Beth is a bit of dab hand at the old pompoming,
and whipped up a very pretty string of pastel pompoms for her room.

There was chit chat, there were sleeping dogs,
there were biscuits and there was tea ..
what more you could you ask for of a Saturday afternoon.


  1. Love it Kate! Otto does look a bit disturbed by the whole thing though. I've had a pom pom maker for over a year, really must get round to opening it!!! How bad is that?!

    1. Definitely get that packet opened and get pompomming Jill - you'll love it ! K xx

  2. Pomtastic!!! I love them!!! I think that Otto wanted to be in the picture to show how well he and the pom poms matched! Do you think that he thought you made them specially for him to coordinate with. Lovely Kate and just right for the time of year! xx

    1. He definitely thought I had made them for him ! He looks like butter wouldn't melt, doesn't he ! K xx

  3. Tiddly pom tiddly pom. Sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon if you ask me. Now where did I put my pom pom makers... Keep up the pom pom inspiration Kate! J x

    1. It was a lot of fun, can highly recommend it ! K xx

  4. That photo with Otto looks like it comes straight out of a flashy interior design magazine !!
    Just fantastic !!

    1. Ahh, thank you Ingrid - he's not always as well behaved though I can assure you ! K xx

  5. Kate, your pom pom garland is fabulous as is your picture of Otto, that did make me chuckle, he doesn't look so innocent bless him.
    They are an amazing creation these pom pom makers.
    Helen x

    1. They're fab aren't they ? Pompoms rule ! K xx

  6. I think your addiction to wash cloths has been taken over with an addiction for pompoms. I thought you were on heart making duty with 40 to be made before August??? Have you discovered the safe place that you put the wool yet?

    1. Nope, still haven't found it yet Mitzi and I've only managed 2 so far, so a fair way to go yet ! Kxx

  7. I must be psychic, I ordered that very same gadget not 24hrs ago on Amazon! Your garland is very chic. (just like everything you create) Did Beth paint her nails especially to co-ordinate with her pom-poms?

    1. Yes, we did chuckle about that - Not planned but made a good photo opportunity ! K xx

  8. Hahaha Kate, you do make me chuckle. A pompom pm??! I absolutely LOVE the picture of Otto - he's so handsome and those eyes … If I am totally honest, I had to look up how to use my pompom maker too! xxx

    1. Oh what a relief - I'm so glad it wasn't just me !
      I have to agree that Otto is hugely handsome, but I may be a tinsy bit biased, K xx

  9. It's lovely, and it sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The pompom maker looks very clever and rather complicated. I too am a cereal packet circles pompom maker. The garland is perfect for winter, I love the pale colour. Otto has made me laugh. It's his job to check these things out I think. CJ xx

  10. Oh yes, he definitely likes to check out all woolly items in the house - I've just spent a good hour darning two big Otto holes in my favourite cardigan ! Have a good week CJ, K xx

  11. Hi Kate! First time on your blog....what a beautiful and creative space you got here...and pompoms are adorable!
    See you :)

  12. So many pom poms! They look great as a garland on your lovely fireplace. I had problems with the pom pom maker too, but I didn't think to look on Youtube, I just sat there trying to work it out and wondering if I'd bought some new kind of Rubik Cube (doh!). I got there in the end!. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jane xx

    1. So glad it wasn't just me ! Have a great weekend, K xx

  13. Oh my goodness, I have the WORST time with that pompom maker! I never thought of Youtube, so, between Youtube and your wonderful step by step, I am going to have my own pompom night! Thank you so very much, Kate. May the pompom goddess bless your home :)

  14. What a clever little gadget Kate .. I shall have to find one! I still use the "Cornflake box" method :0

  15. I am a total dunce when it come to pompoms, even with the aid of a pompom maker! You are clearly far more talented than I!


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