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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Sunday, 25 January 2015

By hook or by crook ...

I have made good headway with Megs blanket and have reached the point
where I'm getting excited about the finishing off bits.
I have to admit to this one being a bit of a slow starter ...
partly because I started it with a size 6mm hook and then after working
several cm's decided ( woman's prerogative and all that )
that I wanted a softer feel to the blanket so undid it all and
 started again with a bigger hook,
but also partly because of the hook I was using.

Because I changed my mind about the hook size I had to have a rummage
 in my drawer at the last minute and the gold metal one was the
 only one I had in the right size.
I think this set was one that I bought very cheaply when I first started
crocheting and I don't think I've actually used any of them up until now.
So, after re doing the big long starting chain I began again.
Yes, the blanket grew but it was all very slow and almost ,
dare I say it , hard work !
I know - never did I think I'd find crocheting a blanket arduous -
 but it just kind of was.
After a bit of thought I realised that it wasn't the wool,
nor was it that I had suddenly lost my crochet mo-jo -
 it was the bloomin' hook !
It just kept slipping about and wriggling as I was using it and it didn't let
 me get into any sort of regular pattern or stride.
I think I'd got so used to using my favourite hooks that I had taken for granted
 how much of a difference having the right hook makes.
It took a while to find my hook of choice,
going from wood to metal

 to metal with Fimo handles added,
( having seriously coveted Lucy's gorgeous hook over at Attic 24.)
But none of these felt right and when I came across hooks with soft grip handles
 it was a bit of a light bulb moment for me.
I bought a couple of black ones and they kept me happily hooking away for some time ...
but when I discovered you could get them in PINK there was no going back !
This photo makes my heart sing -
so much pink, crochet loveliness.
Anyway, to cut a rather long story short, a soft grip handled size
7mm hook was hastily ordered online,
and whilst it may not be pink,
its just the job and Megs blanket has come along at a cracking pace this past week.
Oooh, and just before I go, as a little PS to last weeks post ...
it happened...
the cowl got edged...
I knew it was only a matter of time ...
a quick round of DC
followed by a round of 4 TR's in every stitch.
Wishing you a happy week of hooking
and if you get a minute I'd love to know your hook of choice.


  1. Love your blanket and colour, I have 2 sofa cushions in that stitch that I made a year or so ago, I love the little squares it makes and more of a fabric feel-very nice.
    Pretty lilac hook.
    Helen x

    1. I totally agree about the stitch, it gives a lovely finish doesn't it ? Have a great week Helen, K xx

  2. Glad you found out what the mojo problem was!! I love my metal hooks, funny isn't it how we are all so different! Love the colour of the blanket! xx

    1. It would be a very dull world if we were all the same ! Have a lovely week Amy, K xx

  3. I totally agree with you, the right hook makes all the difference. I love the Clover Soft Touch hooks but my very favourite hooks are Tulip Etimo!!
    V x

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they, to look at and to work with. Have a good week Vivienne, K xx

  4. What a gorgeous colour, how big is it going to be? Cowl edging looks pretty xx

    1. Hi Niki, that's a very good question ! I'm nearly there so I'll measure in and let you know, K xx

  5. The blanket looks gorgeous, I'm interested in your words about hook handles, and also that you chain with a larger hook at the beginning, which makes sense. I'd love to make a blanket like that, I'm taking notes! Love the cowl edging as well, the perfect finishing touch. CJ xx

    1. Thank you CJ, I often think that blankets are the easiest things of all to make as once you've got started its the same all the way along - hope you get to have a go soon ! K xx

  6. Well I never! Didn't know some crochet hooks had soft grip handles, I think I need to investigate. I've just discovered wooden knitting needles...what a difference.
    The blanket looks heavenly and after seeing your cowl edging I know I'll want to do that on mine too. (I started mine last week) It was quiet at work last night so I read your entire blog and very inspiring it was too. xx

    1. Hi Fiona, so glad you enjoyed your Pootle, looking forward to seeing your finished cowl ! K xx

  7. Lovely blanket such a cheery colour. Cowl and edging look great, bet it feels all cozy and warm on. I know what you mean about hooks, my 2 favs are a 3.3.5 and a 4, both are 2nd hand and glid like a dream, both are very old I'm guessing 1970s and they are metal. I too have a set of cheap coloured metal ones, that just dont feel right and they slow me down as I cant find a rhythm with them. Gladmyou found one you like, and sooo pretty too.

    1. Glad its not just me, at first I thought I was being too fussy but it really does make a difference doesn't it ? Thanks for dropping by, K xx

  8. Oh thats going to be gorgeous!
    I now feel like I NEED pink hooks in my life!
    The edging on your cowl is perfect
    love Jooles x x x

  9. Hi Kate, I love the colour to Megs blanket it's so rich. I think you have as many crochet hooks as I do knitting needles. My favourite sizes are 3.5 & 4.5 at the moment that is.

    1. Have to admit to being very partial to a 3.5mm hook too ! K xx

  10. What a fabulous colour Meg's blanket is, I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. I love my pink Tulip crochet hooks and it was you that gave me the heads up on these when I saw yours on one of your posts - I haven't looked back since either and use them for everything I crochet now. The frilly edging looks lovely on your scarf. Have a great week!
    Jane xx

    1. Thank you Jane, yes megs blanket is a really deep jewel colour isn't it ? Hopefully ta-dah pictures will be soon, K xx

  11. I have had the same struggles with finding the right crochet hooks too, Kate...and like you I love working with the soft grip ones best, especially in a pretty colour! Meg's blanket is looking so cosy and soft, and I love the beautiful colour. How pretty the gorgeous edging on your cowl looks.....lovely idea!
    Hope you have a happy week.
    Helen xox

  12. The blanket looks gorgeous, i love the color! I have only metal hook but crocheting a lot for Christmas presents make me recognize that I need to shift to something more confortable !

  13. It's going to be gorgeous Kate. Your blankets always inspire me! Too many years of hand stitching made the medal hooks unbearable for me too, I found the Prym soft grip handles ones and then I tried the Clover Amour and that's it I'm hooked! Have a lovely week. Sarah xo

  14. Love the colour and pattern Kate! I like using soft grip hooks, mine are Knitpro.

  15. I have those coloured metal hooks!! They're good to work with!

  16. Both projects look ideal for this cold snap we are having at the moment!


  17. I have a fimo handled polka dot hook that I love to use; only one, though. I dream of finding a complete set in a comfortable handle.

  18. Love the cowl, and the blanket. You are right, a good crochet hook makes the world of difference. While I love the look of wooden hooks I find these the least easy to work this - plain old metal works for me. xx


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