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Monday, 8 September 2014

It's done !

It's done !
Immi's Uni blanket is completely finished and ready just in time for the
 big off in a couple of weeks.
It's been a slow burner this one - quite possibly because getting it finished meant Immi
was nearer to leaving home, but as I absolutely wanted her to have
 it in time for the
start of term the deadline had to be met.

Immi chose the colour with the only other
specifications being that it needed
to be big enough for snuggling and
very, very soft.
I used Sylecraft Alpaca DK
in the colour Storm.
There's been a few minor obstacles along the way with Itsy loving how soft
 it was and then the arrival of Otto with all his mischievous puppiness.
It's even been on holiday in the caravan with us a couple of times.
But slowly, slowly it grew and soon came the fun bit of adding the border.
For this I chose Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo in a white / cream.
This gave the blanket a lovely little lift of brightness.
Once I had finished the main body of the blanket I worked all the way around the
edge in DC for 2 rows.
For the third row I worked 2 DC into one stitch, skipped a stitch, worked 2 DC
into one stitch and so on all the way round.
The fourth row was worked in the same pattern but in cream and the fifth row
was worked in the same pattern again but back in the grey.
( I have written up the pattern for this blanket in full and added it to my sidebar. )
I was so pleased with the effect it gave as it almost looks like I have threaded
cream ribbon around the edge of the blanket.
As I wanted a bit more of an impact with the cream colour I worked a final row of a bobble edging, so easy to do, and I absolutely love the feeling of fun it has brought to the finished blanket.

There was just one last thing needed ...
... a little 3D cream heart.
And there it is ...
I love it and Immi loves it.


Let the snuggling begin.
Its been lovely to see a few other Uni blankets hot off the hook in Blogland this week,
if you get a minute pop over to Flowerhouse to see the beautiful patchwork blanket that Jane has made, and to Lazy Days to see Mitzi's wonderfully colourful creation.
Blanket done and with a head full of thoughts of how time passes so swiftly
and how quickly we seem to have come to this stage of all our little chicks flying the nest
a late Summer walk was the perfect therapy.

The gate at the bottom of our garden is looking quite hidden in the hedge these days,

 the field beyond has had its final cut of the year,
 I can't describe how sweet the hay smelt that morning,
 there's really no smell quite like it,

and the hedgerows are a foragers paradise.

The season is changing,
life moves on and change is always there around the corner.
As much as I want my girls to stay at home for ever
the world is out there waiting for them.
And one thing they all know,
without a shadow of a doubt,
is that home is where the heart is..


  1. What a lovely post, especially the last sentence! I have a very long time until mine fly the nest (youngest is almost 3mths) but I really hope they will grow up loving their home & know it is a place filled with love where they will always want to come back to, as I'm sure your girls do.

    Love the blanket especially the bobble edging!

    1. The funny thing is it really does seem only like yesterday that mine were all that little !
      K x

  2. Awwww it's lovely! It looks so comfy and snuggly and I bet it will be a much cherished and loved snuggler away at uni :) xx

  3. Such a beautiful finish for your blanket for Immi, Kate! I really love the border and the little heart. I enjoyed your photos of the autumn fruits too, it is such a colourful time of year for country walks. Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you Helen, the hedgerows were so full of fruit I didn't know where to start to take photo's !
      Have a lovely week, K x

  4. Wow what a truly beautiful blanket-quite stunning. The border and heart are perfect, well done Mum.
    Hope all goes well for the big uni day-one that is never forgotten that is for sure-exciting, emotional and busy.

    1. Yes Helen, I'm sure it will be all of those things, thank you for your lovely words about the blanket, K x

  5. That blanket is just gorgeous... I truly love the combination of the uni-colour with the soft, creamy edge...

  6. Such a lovely post and wow the blanket is stunning, the cream edge sets it off perfectly

    1. Thank you Clare and thanks for dropping by, K x

  7. I've got a daughter here who thinks the blanket is 'awesome'. That might be a hint for me to start one to be ready in two years time! Love the border! J x

    1. Thank you Juanita - I've really enjoyed making it and can highly recommend it as a project. K xx

  8. Oh Kate your blanket is gorgeous and I'm sure Immi is going to love snuggling under there whenever she needs a mums hug when she is at Uni. I love the colour too and the contrast edging.

    Your woodland walk looks very inviting I'm sure your four paws love going for walks through there.

    Thanks for the mention in your post.


    1. The fields out at the back are absolute doggy paradise - I quite often see both dogs sitting at the gate looking out !
      Have a great week Mitzi, K xx

  9. Oh it's beautiful, really beautiful. Lucky girl. I really like the colour and how you've finished it. I hope she has a wonderful time at university and many happy adventures. CJ xx

    1. Thank you CJ, I'm sure she'll be home to visit soon with lots of tales to tell, K x

  10. Beautiful blanket, I love the edging! :)

  11. What a beautiful post! It made me all misty eyed! Immy is very lucky to have such a creative mummy! The blanket is stunning! Thank you for sharing! X

    1. Ah thank you Helen, sorry to make you teary ! K x

  12. It's gorgeous Kate, the grey and the cream look stunning together. Immi must be so pleased, I hope she has a wonderful time at uni. We've already had a year with both our girls away and I thought it would be easier to see them off this time, but it still feels a bit strange. Must go now, chin has started to wobble. Have a great week and thank you for the mention and link to mine.
    Jane xx

    1. Make sure you treat yourself to lots of special you things - I think us Mums deserve it at times like this ! K x

  13. Gosh Kate, I've got a lump in my throat.

    What an absolutely beautiful blanket - I adore the cream touches, they're genius. I bet Immi loves it.

    You know, I've always felt slightly sad that I couldn't crochet (or knit) when my children were babies. You've made me realise that sending them off into the world with a blanket like Immi's is even more precious. Like a mother's hug.

    Heather xx

    1. You're absolutely right Heather - its a big old yarny hug ! Sorry to have given you a lump in the throat - have to admit to being a little teary myself as I was finishing the post.
      Have a good week, K xx

  14. Oh Kate, how I missed your beautiful posts while I was away! This blanket makes me all emotional! You are such an amazing, caring mother, the heart on the blanket gets me every time! Chrissie x

  15. Your blanket is beautiful, and I agree the cream edging sets the grey off beautifully.
    "Gulp" - my younger son is off to university in 2 weeks - it will be very quite in the house now with just three of us!
    Caz xx

    1. Its such a time of mixed emotions isn't it Caz ? K x

  16. Votre couverture grise est tellement belle! Gorgeous blanket!
    Lucie (Québec, Canada)

  17. Thank you for commenting on my blog post. I was beginning to think no one was going to look at it. I was so chuffed it was you as I read your blog regularly and you are a great inspiration plus the crochet you do is lovely x

  18. It really is stunning. I like the fact that it's just grey with that border, which is perfect by the way. I love the idea of making a blanket for a child to take to uni with them, it's like they are taking some of the love and comfort of home with them. Good luck to Immi. x

  19. Gorgeous blanket! The edging is just right and the little heart is a lovely touch. I hate the thought of them leaving home. My oldest has been doing college, and working and is still at home, but the time is coming closer, for him to fly, and now my second is in her final year of school, she'll be 18 next year. Too fast.


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