Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 15 September 2014

A bit of a hoedown ...

There were lots of preparation afoot this weekend for a Fund Raising Barn Dance
 we were holding in our village. 
Over the past few months we have been raising money for a War Memorial that will be 
placed next to the Church to commemorate the 11 village men who lost their lives in 
both Wars and the Barn Dance was our final push to reach our target.

One of my jobs was to sort out some table arrangements and jam jars filled with a 
handful of flowers seemed to be just right for the occasion.

A little bit of spotty ribbon was all that was needed to adorn the jars and then it was 
off to the fields to see what the hedgerows could offer.

 I found Hawthorn sprigs covered in beautiful red berries, several different types of grasses
 and some other greenery that I am unable to name !

Obviously I didn't have a lucky find with the Carnations, they were purchased as a 
cheap and cheerful back up.

Flowers done and armed with bunting and tablecloths I was ready to go.

Fortunately barns aren't too hard to find round our way, and our neighbour 
kindly offered his up for the evening.
 After a couple of hours and with lots
 of willing hands tables were put up, 

 flags, bunting and fairy lights were hung

and the bar was stocked.

A few evening photo's were taken before it all got a little messy

but safe to say a grand time was had by all !

There was an awful lot of promenading and dosey do-ing of partners,
lots of clapping and cheering

and the hog roast and apple sauce in homemade rolls went down an absolute treat.
Much fun was had by all.

And then Sunday was quiet, 
veeerrryyyy, veeerrrryyy quiet.
After a bit of a clear up all that remained of the night before were a few jars of flowers
 on various kitchen window sills around the village and a few sore heads.

The sum total of my activities for the rest of the day was to put together 
a basket of Autumny loveliness for a little idea that is buzzing around in my head

and to make an acorn - as you do. 

 By 8:30pm Lilou looked exactly how I felt ...

 pretty much in need of another weekend to get over this weekend.

I hope you all had just as much fun 
doing whatever you were doing.


  1. Well that all sounded like a lot of fun and for a very good cause too!

  2. Glad you had fun, the barn looked fabulous.
    Sweet acorn.

    1. Really loving making acorns at the moment, K x

  3. Wish I could have seen the barn, all decked out. The tables looked lovely! Glad you had a good time.

  4. What a fun time! Can't wait to see what crafty endeavour you will come up with next Kate! X

  5. A wonderful party, don't the decorations look so festive and fun! Well done you, and congrats to everyone for a successful event! Chrissie x

  6. What a wonderful event, and the flowers were lovely. I do hope you've reached your target, I always like to remember those who gave their lives in the wars, and I always take a moment whenever I see a memorial. I like the look of that yarn, such beautiful colours. I shall look forward to seeing what it turns into. I hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  7. That sounds like it was a lot of fun! Your flowers looked great and your acorn. :)

  8. Wonderful table decorations and I hope you reached your target for the memorial, how lovely that your village has got together to honour those men. Deliciously warm colours in your autumn yarn basket, looking forward to the make. Have a great week Kate.
    Jane xx

  9. Glad Saturday went so well Kate. Ours did too, David so suprised when the children turned up at Merkins and more suprise visitors in the evening. We certainly managed to fill the bottle recycling bin on Sunday morning! Love Anne x

    1. I'm so glad to hear that Anne - its lovely when a secret plan comes together ! Hopefully you'll be back to stay at Merkins again and we'll be able to meet up next time,
      Kate x

  10. Lilou is so cute! Little snuggler. The hoedown looks like lots of fun and your flowers came out beautifully.

  11. Looks like you had a great time Kate and I hope you raised enough for your memorial with all your hard work and much effort by all. Yes I definitely have Lilou moments where the only place I want to be is tucked up under a blanket for a little snooze.


  12. That looks like so much fun! It's been years since I went to a barn dance. Your crocheted acorn is adorable. x

  13. Your flower decorations looked lovely, and I really liked the spotty tablecloths too. It looks like really good fun and for such a good cause too. Love the new yarn and the little acorn......and the sleepy dog, so cute!
    Happy weekend, Kate.
    Helen xox

  14. The barn looks great - and what a worthwhile cause. I love barn dances.
    Caz xx

  15. What a fantastic party! I love the flower jars you pretty. I'm a wee bit in love with that they tiny acorn too.
    Marianne x


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