Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Rain stops play ...

Just as rain stops play at a cricket match, puppy has definitely stopped all things crafty,
not completely, but certainly my urge to make is not being fully satisfied at the moment !
Sofa and crochet are a definite no-no, cutting out fabric on the floor is also a complete non-starter, and the whirr of the sewing machine brings about a Tourette's bout of little puppy woofing that is anything but relaxing.
 It's all about picking the right moment it would seem ...

... hence this was the time I tiptoed downstairs on Sunday morning when all were sleeping and the house was beautifully still and quiet.
I gathered up the fabric pieces that I had just about managed to cut out in a madly frantic quarter of an hour on Saturday and hid myself away in the kitchen closing the door softly behind me.
The kettle was boiled, tea was made
 - my new cup being more apt than ever this morning -
and sewing took place.
All was good in the world of Pootling !
Not even the sewing machine woke the sleepy heads upstairs,
 puppy, dog and cat included.
Absolute Heaven ...
and before you could say 'wind the bobbin'
one small dog crate cover had been made with lots of photo's taken
so that I can put together a pattern for all those of you that have requested one.
Literally just as I was tying the last end
and the clock said 7:47am,

footsteps were heard
and there appeared one husband
and one extremely cute Otto.
Job done - pattern to follow !
My other little make of the weekend wasn't quite as relaxing as it took place whilst standing up, with all wool, hooks, patterns, laptops and electric cables pushed firmly to the back of the worktop,
however it was just as satisfying as I am so pleased with the end result.
I have been thinking for a while about putting a little heart on Immi's blanket and whilst I have made flat ones before I really wanted to have a go at making a 3D one.
After a quick bit of YouTubing I found a video tutorial to follow and I was off.
The pause button was required a fair bit and it was quite funny to see a tiny little Madonna bra materialising but...
after quarter of an hour or so my first attempt was off the hook.
I found that it helped to write the pattern as well as watching it as this allowed me to take my time when needed without having to keep going back and finding the right bit of the clip.

My second attempt looked a lot better and perfectly fits the bill as the finishing touch
 I wanted for the blanket.

Next job is to sew in the ends on the blanket and add the little heart
- but that will just have to wait until the next little window of calm appears !
Happy making everyone.


  1. I know the feeling Katie re dogs and crafting as we have been looking after a friends for the week and she likes to be right by you, pawing you to fuss her if she's not getting enough attention. Looking forward to being in your part of the world at the end of next week until the Monday. Big surprises for Saturday in that David has no idea all our children are converging on Merkins Saturday am, the girls have no idea I have arranged wedding dress trying on at Perfect Day Sat pm and waiting to hear if the male members can have a brewery tour at Willy Good Ale. If you pass us on your way home Friday call in, we'll be there till about 6-30 pm I guess then we have a dinner date. Our van is a Pegasus with bunting in the front window. L Anne x

    1. How exciting Anne, so much going on ! Hopefully see you sometime Friday pm, K x

    2. Hope so too Kate, it's next Friday the 12th we arrive, not sure if I made that clear and remember David has no idea of anything that is happening on the Saturday. Anne x

    3. Its in the diary Anne and I shall do my best ! I thought at first you had meant this weekend which I was thinking was very brave of you as there is a big music festival taking place at Merkins this weekend ! I wont breathe a word - shh ! K xx

  2. What an excellent idea the crate cover is, it looks perfect. Sometimes early morning is the only time to get things done! Otto looks adorable, such a beautiful colour, and those eyes.......who could refuse him anything!
    Well done on mastering the cute little hearts too, they look lovely!
    Have a great week Kate!
    Gill xx

    1. You're so right Gill - it is quite impossible to refuse Otto anything when he looks at you like that, he's truly adorable - full on and hard work but so worth it.K x

  3. Hi Kate,

    Somehow I managed to miss your post from last week how remiss of me. I have been very fortunate with my four paws they tend to leave my crafting things alone. Chocolate or anything edible really is a bit of a step too far in temptation stakes when it comes to Romeo he is known as a bit of a sneak thief and would happily try and blame one of the others apart from he gives himself away when he sits there licking his lips over and over again. Your blanket has come up lovely and the heart will just finish it off. I have got a knitted heart pattern that I have made before but not tried making a crochet one before. Hope Immi is already for the off and she settles in ok.

    1. Isn't it funny how each dog has such a different character ? Its so lovely getting to know Otto, he is so different to Lilou. I have to say I'm not looking forward too much to Immi going, I know she has to and its what shes always wanted to do but its just the end of another era isn't it ? I'm quite sure shes going to love it even though there are a few last minute nerves at the moment !
      Have a good week Mitzi, K x

    2. I'm sure it will all go well and when she's missing a bit of home she just needs to wrap herself in her blanket and it will transport her straight back to you. It was definitely harder for me when my daughter left to go to Uni than when the boys left home but like you say they all have to go sometime.

  4. Oh so funny.. When I see your madonna bra picture, I thought.. Is she making a teeny bra? LOL... As for dogs.. I think they are worse than the kids and stupidly we baby them more than the kids too ha ha ha ha!!

    1. You're so right Paula, we most certainly do, if I come back as a dog I'd like to live at my house please because you get treated pretty well there !! K x

  5. Aw, poor pup and poor mum. I know exactly what it's like because when I had a dog, he would jump all over anything I spread on the floor. And it would always collect dog hairs even if I had vacuumed the floor immediately before putting it down! I love that photo of him, he looks like he's saying, "Who me? I would NEVER hurt your crafty stuff! I'm so GOOD!!" :)

  6. But, he is such a little cutie pie.....Love the heart too xx

  7. Your hearts are beautiful Kate and I can just see you adding these as a wonderful finishing touch to all your crochet blanket gifts. You are such a kind person. xx

  8. The crate cover is a brilliant idea, Kate! It looks so stylish :) Your hearts are really sweet, and will be a lovely addition to your gorgeous gifts.
    Happy September!
    Helen xox

  9. Hello, lovely crochet heart, can't wait to see the finished blanket.
    Aw little Otto is growing fast-very cute and those velvet sock shaped ears....I just remember them from childhood with our own Weimar way back when.
    Have a lovely week-hope sun keeps shining, enjoy.

  10. Wow Kate, you made your crate cover so quickly, it's amazing what you can get done if you have time on your own! Love your little hearts, and Otto too! Have a great weekend.
    Jane x

  11. How beautiful is Otto, what a lovely excuse to put things down and have a cuddle. I love your crate cover, I think our babies would love one on those, especially as winter approaches. Oh and how our Imogens capture our hearts xx

  12. I laughed out loud at the teeny tiny Madonna bra! The wee heart is really cute and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished blanket.
    Marianne x

  13. I love that you sneaked downstairs early in the morning, to get your crafting done! It's the best time of the day, thought, isn't it? Ott is still looking mighty gorgeous, although I hope he settles down a bit soon and lets you do some crochet without eating any of it. x

  14. Awh what a clever idea you sweet mama! I bet the new cover is much appreciated and oh I completely get the whole puppy and crafting thing, time will get back to it one day, its a bit like a having a baby in the house, time just doesn't always allow and then theres all the dangers associated with it all. Hope you have a lovely week xoxo


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