Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Early start ...

  Wow, again a beautiful morning so as I was up bright and early I thought I'd take the dog out before it got too hot - now there's something you don't have to consider too often!
  At the bottom of our garden we have a beautiful little gate tucked away ( very tucked away at the moment, probs should have addressed that when gardening yesterday)

                                                              and it leads to this ...

                                    Lilou's favourite place! It's pretty much dog heaven as
                            it smells of mice, rabbits, deer and badgers. And sometimes there's
                                                           even lovely stuff to roll in!

                                     From the top of the second field the view is quite amazing - just
                                                                 lots and lots of green.


                                      But today, there was something even better than the view, it took
                          my breath away and I think I might even have "ooohhhhed" out loud, look...

                         A perfect heart shaped white petal, just laying there amongst the grass.
                        I couldn't bring myself to pick it up as it just looked so lovely right there.
                      Lilou, needless to say didn't really appreciate the moment and was charging
                                                                 ahead at a rate of knots.

                                                       Back home with a little souvenir...


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