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Monday, 8 July 2013

Daisy blanket.

♥    I recently made this blanket as I wanted something for the caravan that would look a little traditional, and that, most importantly, would be very snuggly and warm.
 The pattern for the daisy square was one that was shown in Inside Crochet Magazine as part of a children's farm blanket.
I slightly adapted the pattern to make it how I wanted it and I am really pleased with how it all turned out. I'm going to try my hand at putting together a Tutorial for the square, well write down the pattern at least, but this post is just all about the piccy's!

 ♥     First of all lets talk wool - I absolutely LOVE working with this wool. It is so soft, and crochets up like a dream. Does anyone else get really excited about new wool and have to just smell it - or is that just me ? Anyway, moving on....
                       ♥      It's these tiny little daisies in the middle of each square that are my favourite bit of the whole blanket. They are so easy to do, as I will try and explain in the sidebar pattern that I shall attempt later. I think I just really like the contrast between the white petals and the burgundy dot in the middle.

 ♥   Altogether I made 99 squares, so the blanket is 9 squares wide and 11 squares long.   

♥    This was the first time that I have ever blocked my squares before sewing them together - and I have to say it's amazing. The squares go from odd shaped sort of squares to perfect square shaped squares. There's something very satisfying about getting all the squares to look exactly the same. 


♥   When it came to joining all the squares together I did this all in one go , rather than joining them as I made them. I did it this way because I wanted the joining stitches to be continuous and all facing the same direction. To finish the blanket I crocheted several rows of double crochet which I then folded over to make a lovely thick edge. This seems to add a good weight to the blanket as well.

                                         ♥  and here it is all finished - and it still smells gorgeous!



  1. Your blanket is so pretty Kate and I love the colours and the little daisies (I'm a real fan of sublime yarns too!) It looks gorgeous in your caravan.
    I love to block things...its like magic!
    Happy Monday!
    Susan x

  2. Thank you Susan - blocking is amazing isn't it ! Happy Tuesday .


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