Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Blog by Proxy

♥  So as clever little Beth made the cutest cupcakes yesterday, with little pink hearts inside,
I said she could borrow my blog to show them off (ok, ok - as she so rightly points out I wouldn't have a blog if she hadn't set it up for me x) Very pink and very girly but still eaten very quickly by the man in the house!


  1. Hello :) I just found my way here via your comment at Pink Milk Heather's.

    I love your blog name - pootle is one of my favourite words - and that sweet dandelion clock image in your header is just perfect.

    As for the heart cakes ... ooh yum!

  2. Oh thank you Annie - I'm very green around the ears to blogging - but I am absolutely loving doing it. Kate x

  3. Can I order two dozen cup cakes must be delivered to the canal at Harefield, thanks Janexx

  4. Thats funny ! They were so yummy Jane. PS: Still missing you x

  5. cuddled up on the sofa with Grace. We love your bog! it is so beautiful and so very you!!! we love it all but Gracie especially likes these cakes. We want to know your do you get the heart in the middle?!!!! love Ros and Grace xxxx

  6. i meant to say blog!!!!! but i am sure your bog is lovely too!!!

    1. Hi Ros and Gracie, I'm glad that you like the cakes. It was my very clever Beth who made them. She has a blog too , called My own bake off, and I'm sure she will be putting her heart cakes on it soon - but I shall let you in to the secret meantime..... first of all she bakes a red sponge in a flat baking tray and using a heart cutter or a cardboard template to cut around, she cuts out lots of little hearts. She then makes another lot of plain sponge mix. She gets the cup cake cases out and very carefully stands one of the hearts in the middle of the case and puts the plain sponge mix around it. It's quite handy to have an extra pair of hands for this bit. She them made sure she made a little pen mark on the cake case to show where the sides of the heart are, so that you know where to cut it to get the right bit of the heart showing. She then cooked the cakes , let them cool and hey presto, when you cut it open there is the little heart hiding inside. I hope you enjoy making them.♥ K x
      Love the typo, made me laugh out loud !


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