Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

When all else fails ...

Do you ever get those weeks when nothing quite goes right ? 
When things that should be straightforward and easy to accomplish are suddenly stood stock still, 
right in front of you, resembling a very high brick wall ?
All too familiar to all of us I'm sure .... 
and my last three weeks have certainly been a little challenging at times. 

It started with the f word, flu - it quietly sneaked up on me
and after not having had it for about 10 years , it decided to wipe me out for just over two weeks. 
And it was proper, ache to the tips of your fingers flu.
Not even crochet helped !

But, slowly it went and life resumed as normal and I headed back to work. 
All good.
But no, there was another little pile of bricks in the form of a brick wall there too, 
as it seems these bugs and viruses are catching and my work computer was poorly,
 very, very poorly.
So poorly in fact that it had to go to Computer Hospital.

Ok, I thought, that's not a problem , I'll just take my laptop to work and use that.
Well clearly that would have been far too easy !
Quite coincidentally, my laptop decided it didn't want to send or receive emails anymore, 
and that it too was going to take a few days out.

I really love I T when it works, I really don't love I T when it doesn't !

Aaaannnyyyyway .... 
by the time the weekend came I decided that all things electrical 
were no longer my friends and what was needed was some serious Pootling .....
nothing taxing or thought inducing, 
nothing stressful or difficult.

And all it took to turn things around were two tiny little pots of paint, 
a couple of little paint brushes

and an Elf house.
This is what it looked like before ....

and this is what it looked like after a couple of hours of the most blissful therapy.

Of course there had to be a big reveal .....

and all in all , 

I'd say it went down pretty well :-) ! 
Elf loves it.

And then, as is the way with these things, one thing led to another ....
the little blue car

became a cream car

and then it was time to fully embrace the fact that the 1st day of December 
was just around the corner and all the kitchen decorations came out.....

from tiny Christmas cottages

to bells and ribbons and stars

and all the rest of the little Christmas pixies were unwrapped 
from their cardboard box home and 

placed around the kitchen.

 They each have their own place to sit

and some clearly have very important jobs to do !

I love them.
They make me smile every time I look at them

 and in our house they always mark the arrival of December
 and all the festivities to come.

Happy 1 st of December everyone !


  1. Oh I do love your little pixie family Kate and the lovely little home you've made for them. I hope December is a better month for you than November was x

  2. That all looks absolutely GORGEOUS Kate. There's nothing like opening the Christmas boxes and pulling out decorations from various times in your life to rekindle memories from years gone by! xxx

    1. I totally agree Anne, I love it more every year I think xx

  3. I hope that you and your computer are much better now! I love your little elfy advent calendar house! Lots of room for treats too! xx

    1. Thank you Amy and oh yes, there's definitely lots of room for treats xx

  4. I love your pixie family. Did you make them? I think some of their family would be happy in my kitchen. ☺.

    1. Hello, the pixies are from a company called Mauleg, they are available in the uk or online x

  5. So sorry to hear you've been so poorly - 'flu is a killer and has wiped me out for weeks too, in the past. I have to say I LOVE your kitchen decorations! We don't decorate until the week before Christmas but this makes me want to get on and do it now!

    1. Thank you. Enjoy putting your decorations up xx

  6. Ooh! Proper flu is horrid! I'm glad you're getting better. Please may I move in to your elf house?

  7. It looks like serious pootling was the perfect pick-me-up. Hope you're feeling much better now Kate, love the pixies! Jane xx

  8. It all looks so beautiful, definitely what you need to help you feel better. Do you know I never would have thought to of painted a decoration bought from a shop (no idea why not), such a grand idea.
    I've so far managed to avoid any colds and bugs and hope to keep it that way till at least January.
    Love Gem x x x

  9. OOOOooohhh I LOVE this post and you have set the Christmas clogs working and it is only July - love it all xx Joy xx


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