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Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Crochet

As it's all gone a little bit Christmas Crochet bonkers round at mine
over the last couple of weeks, I have decided that this morning
  I'm just going to take a quiet five minutes
 to sit down and share some of my Christmassy makes with you
before moving on to the next WIP !

As well as finishing crochet presents for family and friends
I have been having lots of fun designing and writing tutorials
 for the Christmas Crochet Club over at

I think this first one has to be one of my all time favourites so far -
my Christmas Garland.

When Lovecrochet asked me to make one for them I knew straight away
 that I wanted to crochet something that was almost a little bit
 Scandinavian in design, with it being just white, red and green and
  very simple and minimal in design.

So, I set to and made Christmas trees, Christmas Wreaths and some tiny little snowballs.

The trees and wreaths are decorated with some Christmassy string
 and I added a star button and some bells to the trees,

before attaching them all to a red crochet chain.

I made two different sized trees to add a little variation and each tree has a front
and a back to add a bit of strength and to stop it from curling.

The full pattern can either be found in the right hand side bar or
 by clicking HERE to go to

And the one that I made ?
Well, it disappeared very quickly and now hangs in my daughters
beautiful, cosy lounge.

My second Christmassy make is two co-ordinating hot water bottle covers,
perfect for a bit of snuggling on those chilly Winters evenings.

I think my favourite has to be the spotty one ( no surprise there really ! )

and I made these by just sewing on lots of little tiny crochet circles
 to the front of the cover, with the back being left plain.

 The stripy cover is made to exactly the same pattern, 
with each cover allowing the hot water bottle to be filled from the top and
 the cover to be removed for washing through the fold over flap at the back.

They are super quick to make and again, you can either find the pattern in
the right side bar of this page or HERE at lovecrochets blog.

Happy Christmassy Crocheting everyone.


  1. A gorgeous Christmas garland, beautifully designed and made, and I really love the slightly muted colours. It looks lovely in your daughter's living room. Fab hot water bottle covers as well, nicely done! CJ xx

  2. Fabulous Kate, you make great garlands and this is another one to add to the list. I like the idea of the double sided trees so that they don't twist! Happy Christmas! xx

  3. Hi - Just found your blog and have enjoyed having a read. Love the Christmas garland. I haven't crocheted for a while but I think I will have a look at the pattern and maybe have a go. Joan at

  4. This is more than fantastic, just love the garland and could easily snuggle up with those water bottles, you really are an inspiration.


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