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Saturday, 12 September 2015

♥ Meg and Adams Wedding ♥

Oh, I just don't know where to start ....
to try and put Meg and Adam's wedding day in to words seems an impossible task.

It was the best day, the most emotional day, the funnest day.
It was non-stop, it went too quick, I wish we could do it all over again.
All shared with our treasured and loved family and friends, all together in one place.

And .... it was sunny !
 I know, in the wettest August ever we had the most perfect sunny day
 ... and the sun shone exactly when it was meant to.

In total the photographer took just under 400 photos,
here are just a few.

Our three beautiful girls ready to go.

One proud, and very smart, Dad.

One last quick family photo when we arrived at Wick Farm.

The utterly beautiful Wick Farm.

The barn itself is so perfect that all that was needed were fairy lights on the beams
 and on my big wicker heart in the wall alcove,
 big jugs of Summer flowers,
 candle jars and lanterns 
and the simplest of bunting.

The vintage suitcase, suitably dressed for the occasion, 
was placed on a table by the door 

  next to the up-cycled steps, 
decorated with photos of Meg and Adam
 and loved ones that we wished could be with us.


There were tiny tin buckets of confetti

                                     and tissues ready to hand for those teary moments.


There were smiles and tears,

and memorable moments. 
Meg was christened by my Dad and now here she was with Adam 
being blessed by him at their wedding.

Confetti was thrown ...

air was punched !

Sensible photos were taken ...

along with the fun ones

whilst inside, 

the barn was being transformed in to a dining room.

The knitted rose garland was hung

and tables were beautifully laid.

Homemade carrot cakes were piled high


and favours were opened.

Speeches were all before the meal 
so that everyone could relax and enjoy themselves

and that's exactly what we did.

We ate, 
we danced,
more photos were taken ....

and we all got a little bit blurry round the edges.

The best day ......


  1. You all look to have had a fabulous day. The wedding looks just perfect.

  2. Aww Kate. How totally perfect. The bit with your dear Dad actually made me cry. Thank you so much for sharing and may Adam and Meg be blessed beyond measure in their new life together. Sharon xx

    1. You're very kind Sharon - I'll pass your wishes on to Meg and Adam, K xx

  3. Beautiful wedding! Congrats to Meg and Adam! Wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh Kate, there are no words, other than *perfect*!!! Cxxx

  5. After all your preparations what a perfect day. Can't believe it's been three weeks already.

    1. Nor can I Mitzi - still reliving every minute ! K xx

  6. Wow, what a wonderful day. How beautiful the bride looked, and her bridesmaids. A gorgeous couple, I'm wishing them every happiness. What a lovely place they chose to get married, and I particularly love the garland. I'd been looking forward to seeing it, I knew you'd make a wonderful job of it. Glad it all went so well. CJ xx

    1. Thank you CJ, I could just do it all over again ! K xx

  7. What a wonderful day full of the happiest memories. :-)

  8. Oh my goodness Kate, it all looks absolutely fabulous. No fixed date yet but we're going to be doing the same with our elder daughter next year ... I'll be sure to tell her to read this post, she'll be awestruck!

    And of course, congratulations to Meg and Adam, and you and your family.

    1. Thank you Annie, you're very kind - and how exciting for you having a wedding to plan, I cannot recommend it enough !! K xx

  9. Congratulations Meg and Adam!!!! They look very happy, I hope they will be for a very long time!!! Everything is so beautiful, the people, the flowers, the decorations, the dresses, the photos, you! So glad that it all went so well!!! xx

    1. Thank you Amy, it truly was just the best day. K xx

  10. Fantastic Kate, such a beautiful wedding. So lovely that your dad got to bless the wedding of the little granddaughter he christened, that is special!
    V x

    1. Thank you Vivienne, it really was a very special day, K xx

  11. Oh Kate, what a wonderful day in a beautiful setting! Meg and her sisters look stunning. Days that you don't want to end always seem to go quicker but you have some treasured memories and lovely photos, thank you for sharing. Jane xx

    1. Yes, you're right Jane - it just seemed to whizz by ! But lots of lovely memories as you say, K xx

  12. Aaaaaah looks like an amazing day all round. Weddings are just wonderful aren't they :) Your garland looks really lovely, and the hearts were such a nice touch.
    Wishing your daughter and son-in-law many many happy years together,

  13. Beautiful Kate and all your work reflects the love you have for your family. My younger daughter was married last year and I remember how relentless the schedule is on the run up to the big day but it's lovely to carry the memory in your heart, you did your absolute best for your girl. Superb touch to have a blessing from Grandfather.Congratulations and thank you for sharing.Gillianxx

    1. Thank you Gillian - I'd do it all again, wouldn't you ? :-) K xx

  14. What a lovely wedding, great day for everyone you all look stunning. The little home makes and touch just perfect. This special day will always be cherished, congratulation and best wishes to you all. X

  15. Aww what a beautiful day! Such a lovely setting for it all too :)
    Congratulations :)

  16. Due to all our wedding celebrations I missed your lovely post Kate and just found it! It looks absolutely gorgeous proving that less is more. What a lovely day with lots of memories for life. L Anne xx


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