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Monday, 21 September 2015

Apple cosies

With crochet blankets having always been my number one love, not for one minute
 did I  imagine that  I would be happily sitting working away to design a crochet apple cosy ! 

But that is one of the things that I am loving the most about having been asked to 
design patterns and put together tutorials for 
- I have had to totally come of of my little comfort zone, 
not only in the things I have been asked to make but also in the 
colours and yarns I have been working with.

It's been both rewarding and refreshing and I shall never scoff at an 
apple cosy again as they have been SOOOOO much fun to do ! 

The full pattern and tutorial is available completely free here at
but I just thought I'd give you a little taster here.

The yarn I used was Rowan Handknit Cotton - if you haven't used this yarn before all
 I can say is it is such an absolute treat to work with that you have to give it a try ! 

It's as soft as cotton wool , yet gives you all the weight and
 definition needed for a good bit of structure.


The apple cosies are worked in a round, 
with a top half and bottom half that are hinged at the back with a row of over sewing.
I then worked a bobble in to the last few rounds of the bottom half 
and a chain loop in the finishing edge of the top half to create a fastener.

With a little stalk and a couple of leaves added as the finishing touch
you have the smartest little apple cosy to happily grace any desk or lunch table.

And then .........
woo-hoo, the fun starts , 
as the possibilities to add a bit of 'je ne sais quoi' are endless !!

From pink piggies,


to high tec ( ! ) robots,


to the cuddliest of penguins ...


... these cannot fail to help sneak in those 5 a day.

And it should certainly put a smile on your face
 every time you walk past the fruit bowl.

One little word of warning though - 

you may not be the only one who falls in
 love with your new apple cosy !


  1. Oh these are lovely. I'm going on a learn to crochet course in November and these are on my list of things I'd like to make :)

    1. Ooh that sounds lots of fun ! You'll be hooked in no time, K xx

  2. These are brilliant, as are all of your makes. I really am going to make a piggy one, just to cheer a very boring work desk!

  3. these are gorgeous! i feel there may be a need for (possibly slightly adapted) christmas ones for chocolate oranges!

    1. OMG Clareio ! That is SUCH a good idea !! I'm thinking Christmas pudding, snowball, robin, snowman .... The possibilities are endless- what a clever bean you are ! K xx

  4. They're brilliant! I especially love the last one, fantastic. And Clareio's idea for Christmas chocolate orange cosies is rather excellent as well. CJ xx

    1. Thank you C J - you can't go wrong with The Hungry Csterpillar can you ! 🐛 the Christmas are such s good idea aren't they ! K xx

  5. Oh my goodness you have been having fun Kate! They are all so gorgeous, I love the different designs and the fact that they cover the whole apple. I think they would make a very cute display with just a plastic ball inside too! xx

    1. Hadn't thought of that good idea Amy ! Love it , K xx

  6. What an excellent idea. I love the colours you've chosen.:-)

  7. Oh I love the worm poking out, it's so cute. :)

  8. These ar fabulous! Your work is lovely and neat, and fab photographs too, thank you for sharing 😀 x

  9. I've seen patterns for apple cosies in other places and just thought that they were a bit silly. But suddenly I can see the point of an apple cosy! I bring my apple to work being very careful to make sure it doesn't get bruised or damaged in any way. An apple cosy is exactly what I need!

  10. These are so beautifully cute! Love them x

  11. These are lovely Kate. I could have done with something like this when my children took pack ups to school.

  12. Beautiful work as always Kate, the apples are my favourite with the penguin a close second. Well Done! x

  13. Not scoffing at all - I love the robot! - but do they work? Is one layer of crochet enough of a cushion to stop a dent or a bruise or is it just about keeping them clean?


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