Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 4 May 2015

You've got to love a Bank Holiday weekend ♥

After a busy, busy week at work the Bank Holiday
weekend arrived just when it was most needed.
There really is a lot to be said for a three day weekend in my book.
All dull and boring chores have been done,
 shopping has been bought and packed away in the kitchen
cupboards for the week ahead,
the laundry pile is pretty much non-existent,
my wardrobe has had a very long overdue tidy up and sort out
( I managed to resist the urge to photograph this and show you ! )
and there's still been heaps of time for plenty of yarny activity
and general pootling around the house.
My Spring Garland had been carefully packed away,
and replaced with the Daisy Chain Garland I made last year.

My much loved Caravan blankets have made the short journey from
 the caravan to our Spare Room following another little sort out and the
 need to get our Caravan up and ready to go on sale.
After much thought we have decided that two large Weimeraners,
one of those still being a puppy,
a smallish caravan and the realities of the British climate
all mixed up together probably don't make
 the best ingredients for the most relaxing of holidays right now
 so time for a change. 

The up side of this though is that the blankets look just as good in my Spare room
as they did in the caravan ! Hooray !

There has even been time for a bit of garden love this weekend
 - not too much mind because its still been bloomin' chilly -
but enough time to have a wander and see how everything is just about ready to burst.

The apple blossom is having a proper little festival all
of its own out there and it's quite impossible to walk past it without
sighing happily and admiring its beauty.
And the Wisteria on the Pergola just needs a tiny bit of sun and warmth and
 it too will be showing off in all its glory.
Great progress has been made on the Goldilocks Wrap 
which is coming on in leaps and bounds,
and now that I have finally made up my mind on how I want it to be
 I am itching to get on and start the border,
 as I know this will be the bit that brings it all together.

So, all in all, a very pleasing weekend has been had
and just for the record, if any of the Political Parties are offering one Bank Holiday
weekend every month as part of their manifesto's they're definitely going to be
getting an X in their box from me this coming Thursday.

Ooh, just one last thing before I go,
I even had time to fit in a little trial of Megs wedding garland yesterday morning ...
would you like a little sneaky peek ?
I hope your weekends were all just as good,
have a great week everyone.


  1. What a lovely post Kate. We have come down to Cornwall to help Charlotte and Angus with their new house and in between all the jobs are managing to get time for some beach walking. I too could do with Bank holidays every month, although we do get 2 this month. L Anne x

    1. Its all go, go , go at the moment isn't it Anne, glad to hear you've been fitting in some relaxing things too though, K xx

  2. Good weekend! Wish I could have stayed home and crocheted today. Or knitted. Or just stayed home. Still, best thing about May is you have one bank holiday and it's not too long until the next one!

    1. Hooray ! Two in one month is all good, K xx

  3. Oh I did enjoy this catch up. And the sneak peek at the end ;)

    1. Hello Annie, lovely to have you drop by and catch up, K xx

  4. A busy weekend then. I agree we should have a bank holiday a month wouldn't that be brill. I bet Meg is loving the way her garland is coming along. You're really going to miss your caravan aren't you but still you have your lovely dogs to give you lots of happy times instead.

    1. We will miss the caravan but onwards and upwards to new adventures ! Have a good week Mitzi and I hope your back is on the mend, K xx

  5. Oh that wedding garland is looking beautiful. I love the caravan blankets too, you have such lovely taste. Gorgeous apple blossom, I've been enjoying it here as well. The wisteria is going to be wonderful, I shall look forward to seeing it when it's in bloom. Your wrap is coming on well, well done you. I know what you mean about bank holidays, they are very wonderful things aren't they. I've always thought we could do with a few more... Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

    1. Thank you CJ, and lets hope for some warmer weather so you can head off to your lovely allotment ! Kxx

  6. We've had gorgeous sunshine today, I love bank holidays xx

    1. Glad you got to enjoy some sunshine Cheryl, its the best tonic of all isn't it ? K xx

  7. Lovely to read about your weekend.

  8. What a lovely post Kate! So lovely and cheery, it has put me in a very cheery thank you for that! I love your garlands......and Meg's one....well it looks AMAZING. I loved the bank holiday monday, it went by way too quickly. I need more!

    Have a super rest of a week!

    Vanessa xxx

    1. Glad to have left you feeling cheery - I have to say I've got a bit stuck making garlands, I'm loving them so much. I'm glad its not just me counting down to the next Bank Holiday ! Have a super doops week Vanessa, K xx

  9. Sounds like a perfect weekdn to me, our wisteria is nesrly flowering too and I just can't wait.
    Clare x

  10. It's so nice to see what you've been up to lately, Kate. Your garlands are beautiful. I can't wait to see more of Meg's!

  11. Agreed - more bank holidays needed! Love the look of the alpaca silk for your shawl, it looks so soft and Meg's wedding garland is looking lovely already, looking forward to seeing some more. Enjoy the rest of your week. Jane xx

  12. What a lovely bank holiday you had.
    The wedding garland is simply beautiful and love your daisy garland...
    More bank holidays are definitely needed, they just make for happier people don't they?

  13. What a lovely holidays are so great, especially when they are sunny like this time! Your garlands are so beautiful, Kate, you are so clever at making them and how special to make one for Meg's wedding.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen xox


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