Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Time to get a wiggle on ....

You see,
I knew this would happen
but it has still taken me by surprise.
We all said it several times ....
 that once Easter was over Meg and Adams wedding would be upon us before we knew it ...
and it is !
Only 4 months to go and there is so much yet to do on the making side of things.
I saw this pattern on Pinterest several months ago and thought
 how it just might be the perfect little wrap for a chilly Summer evening ...
and I even bought the wool when it was on special offer way before Christmas.
But here it all is, still neatly rolled in beautiful soft balls -
and not a stitch in sight.
The little scribble on the wool band is my version of the pattern - hopefully.
I just need to get on with it. 

And then there's the Rose garland ,
all looking so beautiful in my head, draped along the front of the top table ...
but one solitary little rose and lots of wool, raffia and ribbon is all that is actual exists,
here in reality.
 And this little suitcase tucked away in the spare room needs some serious
 attention to make it look as quirkily vintage as I am imagining it will.
Oh, and you see that little pile of fabric and ribbon ? .... that needs to be magically
 turned into yards and yards of bunting.
But there is a little shiny light to end this post as the teeny red favour hearts are
coming on a treat and I am now well past the half way mark with these.
So, I must away to start to get that wiggle on ...
I'm going to have so much fun !


  1. That's lots to do indeed, but I have complete faith in you. I know that everything will get done, somehow, and everything will look utterly beautiful. No doubt you are knitting or crocheting even as I type this... Wishing you good luck, CJ xx

    1. Got it in one CJ - crocheting hearts ! I'm really looking forward to getting on with it all - that's my idea of heaven . Have a great week, k xx

  2. I know the feeling Kate, the first of our weddings is only 4 months away. You think there is plenty of time but it starts to creep up. It was wine tasting for us tonight over tea - one of the less stressful bits. Sorted the whites so the reds will be on Friday!! L Anne xx

    1. It's so exciting isn't it Anne , as I was writing this post I was wondering how you were getting on with all of your preparations. I'm loving every minute of it, hope you are too ! Kxx

  3. It's all going to look so beautiful ..... I love handmade style weddings, they are the best.
    I'm am very sure you will get there especially when the makes are so beautiful .
    I adore the little heart favours, would you mind sharing what pattern you use? I'd love to have a go.
    Happy new week!
    love Jooles x x x

    1. Hi Jooles - of course I don't mind , infact it's right there on my sidebar and here's the link as well.
      K xx

  4. What an exciting time Kate, the little hearts look as though they're coming along nicely and your rose garland is going to be something really special, I just know it. The shawl is lovely, it's going to be stunning in that kidsilk yarn. Have a happy crochet/wedding planning week! Jane xx

  5. It looks as though you have lots to keep you busy! I hope that it all goes really well for you in the crafting department and Meg in the wedding department! xx

  6. I'm sure you'll get everything done and it will be beautiful. The shawl is going to be really stunning. Hope you're having a good week so far.

  7. It all sounds so exciting and will be beautiful! Your heart favour's are gorgeous. Can't wait to see this progress...have fun Sarah xo

  8. What's that saying? Oh yes. Keep calm & carry on. I'm sure everything will come together with a flourish and be absolutely perfect.

  9. Keep crocheting! The hearts are looking fab.....and the shawl will be lovely in that yarn - I made a jumper with Kidsilk Haze and it was so soft and warm and lovely to wear (it's on the re-knit list due to over wearing!!) I know what you mean about ideas that take ages to materialise! (if ever!) - I've got a very long list of these that I dare not write down, they just float around in my head and may or may not get done! In our busy lives, anything we manage to make is always a bonus and a real achievement, I say! :)
    Kate x

  10. I don't know how you manage to get things done so quickly and always looking beautiful. :-)

  11. You are so quick at making such beautiful things, Kate! I'm sure you will have everything done in time for the wedding and it will all be gorgeous. Love the little shawl, the pretty rosebud and the sweet little hearts. Enjoy the making, and have a lovely weekend.
    Helen xox


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