Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 27 April 2015

Its been a bit of a Fairytale....

Growing up I always thought Goldilocks was a bit of a madam,
way too picky and a tad spoilt in to the bargain ....
but ohhhh, how I empathise with her now !
There's no porridge involved in my tale just lots of yarny loveliness that
 I just couldn't make up my mind over.
Never have I been so indecisive.
I'm a 'know what I like straight away' kind of a girl and
not one who's given to being particularly particular.
It all should have been so simple,
I found a picture of the perfect wrap that I wanted to make
 to wear at Megs wedding.
I tracked down the pattern,
decided on the colour and,
even better,
it was going to be quick to make.

Yarn was bought that was as soft and light as air.
Stitches were cast on and the knitting began ..
but oh !
... the wool was too fluffy,
 the colour was a bit dark
and the sparkly bits in it were just a bit too sparkly.
Further yarn searching took place and
the dreamiest of dreamiest of silk yarn was ordered
and duly arrived through the post.
Stitches were cast on and the knitting began ...
but oh !
.... the yarn was too silky,
the finish too thin
and there wasn't enough gold in the pot to pay for as much as was needed.
A different yarn was needed and this time the search went far and wide,
right across the land....
the most heavenly threads of Mulberry Silk and Baby Alpaca were found.
Stitches were cast on and the knitting began
and oh !
The colour was sublime
the fluff was just fluffy enough
and two strands worked together made the perfect thickness.

Before long, the needles were clickety clicking
and the wrap was getting bigger and bigger..
and all will end happily ever after.
this wrap will now forever be known as The Goldilocks Wrap.
( and should you ever need to send out a search for this divine yarn you
 will find it hidden in the kingdom of !)

Monday, 20 April 2015

WIP's are IP ...


It seems that the little nudge that I gave myself last week 
to get a bit of a wiggle on certainly seems to have done the trick !

I started by coming up with a cunning plan for the hearts -  
no longer making them one at a time, one after the other, 
but instead having a production line on the go. 
Totally all psychological and in my head I know, 
but by making all the tops together,

then all the middles,

 then all the stuffing 
and finally all the finishing off 
made it seem as though they were flying off the hook.

And before you could say " wedding just around the corner"
40 red hearts are done and dusted, packed into little bags
 and it can be ticked off the To Do list.

So then it was a swift move on from hook to needles for the next project. 
Well, maybe not that swift if I'm completely honest as
there's been a fair bit of uhmming and ahhing on this one.
I tried, I really tried with the Kidsilk Haze 
and I did really love it BUT it just wasn't doing what I wanted it to do,
 and then it was so fluffy, 
and slippy,
and a bit too sparkly 
and I couldn't get the tension right .....
so a bit of a U turn ensued, 
followed by a quick bit of internet shopping to buy more yarn.
I promise, promise I will use the Kidsilk for something else
 - just not my wrap for the wedding !

But just look at its replacement....
oh wow, this is yarn on a whole different level,
and a very special and self-indulgent treat for the Mother of the Bride.

So, I got terribly excited and wanted to crack straight on with it
 as the soon as the postman had made his delivery .....
but, no !
I haven't actually ever bought yarn like this before, 
somehow always going for the ones already rolled in to beautiful balls 
that are ready to go.
No problem I thought -
 I'll just use the wooden handles on the set of drawers in my bedroom to 
wrap the yarn around and we'll be off and away in no time at all.
Well, a couple of very infuriating hours later I had one rolled up ball of wool.
OH MY ! Did I get myself in to a pickle !!
A lesson has been well and truly learnt - 
there is no quick solution here, 
its a special winder or a daughters arms every time from now on !

But, that all behind me, 
I am very happy to have the perfect little tension square all made up 
and I am now ready to make a start.

The other highlight of my week has been putting the Uggs away 

and getting the Converse out
 ♥  ♥  ♥  
Whoo Hoo.

Happy Days.
If you fancy Pootling yours just head right over here ...

Oooh ... and I nearly forgot ...
I am now on Instagram ,..
another Whoo-Hoo.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Time to get a wiggle on ....

You see,
I knew this would happen
but it has still taken me by surprise.
We all said it several times ....
 that once Easter was over Meg and Adams wedding would be upon us before we knew it ...
and it is !
Only 4 months to go and there is so much yet to do on the making side of things.
I saw this pattern on Pinterest several months ago and thought
 how it just might be the perfect little wrap for a chilly Summer evening ...
and I even bought the wool when it was on special offer way before Christmas.
But here it all is, still neatly rolled in beautiful soft balls -
and not a stitch in sight.
The little scribble on the wool band is my version of the pattern - hopefully.
I just need to get on with it. 

And then there's the Rose garland ,
all looking so beautiful in my head, draped along the front of the top table ...
but one solitary little rose and lots of wool, raffia and ribbon is all that is actual exists,
here in reality.
 And this little suitcase tucked away in the spare room needs some serious
 attention to make it look as quirkily vintage as I am imagining it will.
Oh, and you see that little pile of fabric and ribbon ? .... that needs to be magically
 turned into yards and yards of bunting.
But there is a little shiny light to end this post as the teeny red favour hearts are
coming on a treat and I am now well past the half way mark with these.
So, I must away to start to get that wiggle on ...
I'm going to have so much fun !

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Happy Easter ...

I really must remember next Easter to use the same 'dead' tree at the bottom of the
Nursery car park to get the twigs for my Easter tree...
... because with a little warmth and water they have completely sprung to life
... and added some beautiful fresh blossom to the finished tree.
It has certainly added a very Eastery touch to our kitchen table.
So with Nursery closed at the end of today for the long weekend
there is nothing for it but to line up those eggs,
whether it be the healthy option

 or the 100% chocolate one,
and wish you a very Happy Easter .
Have a lovely weekend whichever bit of the world you are in and here's to family,
fun and maybe even a little bit of sunshine - if we're lucky !

( Pinterest )