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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 24 November 2014

That little Christmas to do list ...

 So here's an interesting fact to start off this weeks little catch up...
there are only
-just thought you might like to know !
And my lovely hubby when informed of this said " No ! I 've done nothing ! "
Had to chuckle, so that will be the nothing of the nothing that you do for Christmas then.

Annnywayyyy ...
it may all be a bit late in the day but I am definitely beginning to think Christmas now,
and a few little Christmassy makes are stacking up on that to do list in my head.
I ordered this lovely pattern book the other day, 

I could quite happily make every single thing in the book, 
but normal everyday life has got in the way of that a bit so I'm just going
 to have to settle for my favourite favourites, rather than just my favourites.

This gorgeous wreath is a must I think,

and how cute is this bunting ?

And even though I have several other things on the go I have to confess to having 
already started a hot water bottle cover this weekend.

I reckon I could easily make a full time job out of crocheting and knitting all day,
I don't even think I'd get fed up with it, and I certainly wouldn't need to be paid, 
I'd be quite happy to do it for free ...
maybe one day ... a girl can dream.

Do you remember this photo I posted a couple of weeks ago ?
Well, after a little bit of head scratching

this happened ...

and then this happened.

And I  ♥ them.
I found the pattern here in Ravelry.

The ruffled edging is my favourite bit,
just three little rows of crochet but such a big effect.

 They are the warmest mittens ever and I'm sure its because there's so much
 snuggly wool around my wrists.

The one on the right was my prototype as I wasn't at all sure 
that I would be able to do them,

( note to self : thumb a bit too long ! )

But they were so easy, much easier than I had imagined 
as you simply just work round and round and round. 
I think I prefer the fluffy Alpaca wool as well , its certainly a lot more forgiving 
with the final appearance of the mittens as it hides all the little tension differences.
Just need to finish off the other fluffy one now to complete the matching pair.

Wishing you all a happy week of Christmassy crafting.



  1. Your mittens are beautiful! I see lots of lovely projects in your crafting future! xx

  2. I need to make a hot water bottle cover as well. I got as far as looking on Ravelry at them... I'm ignoring how little time is left until Christmas. Let me know when I need to start panicking. CJ xx

  3. Hi Kate,

    This looks like a lovely book. I can see why you would be spoilt for choice. I can't choose between your mittens they both look very nice. I can't believe that this time next week we will be in December with the weather still fairly milid, although there was quite a frost on the car this morning.

    1. Yes it was a bit of shock to the system to be scraping the car on a Monday morning wasn't it ! Have a great week Mitzi, K xx

  4. Love your mittens !!! I also prefer the alpaca wool - just because they look more "cosy"...
    Do make that gorgeous wreath... It is magnificent.... I hope that magazine is still sold at the moment in the UK, I have a trip to London planned for next week, so I am definitely going to look for it !

    1. Yes, I'm definitely going to have to make time for the wreath I think. How exciting to have a trip planned, I hope you have a lovely time, K xx

  5. I have about ten projects for Christmas decorations and presents. And after reading your post I now have a few more!! Ahhhh!! Where will I find the time? I too could happily be a full time crocheter!!

    1. Oops - sorry to have added to your list ! Yes, it would be good to have several more hours of crochet time in each day wouldn't it ? K x

  6. Beautiful mitts.....I love hot water bottle covers, but, I really fancy doing a tea cosy, a great little stash buster I think xx

    1. I've never tried a tea cosy, but I think you're right in that it would be a great way to use up all those odds and ends, K x

  7. Hello Kate, Oooh love your pattern book especially the knitted M Christmas garland. Your mitts are beautiful-like the ruffle-a lot.
    Ha ha laughed to myself-man/Christmas/nothing-err a given chez Helen's house, I learnt some years ago to accept it making for a slightly happier household BUT if I had time to ponder (which I hope I don't) it possibly is not exclusively just to Christmas-umm and oh well.
    I constantly dream of crafting all day, and a dog and another kitty friend for Enzo..............
    I like that dream.
    Best wishes

    1. That's funny Helen - anything for an easy life, I agree ! Have a great week, hopefully it will be packed full of crochet time, K x

  8. A lovely post, Kate.....making me feel very festive and want to get writing my Xmas to do list right now! The book looks gorgeous. Your new mittens are beautiful, I do love the ruffles they make them so special. Wishing you a wonderful week.....keep cosy.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you Helen, I think the cold weather is adding to the feeling of Christmas being just around the corner too , don't you ? Have a lovely week K xx

  9. Love those mitts!! I'm busy Christmas crafting but I really do need to do some Christmas Shopping!! xo

  10. Lovely mitts Kate! I like the look of the alpaca one best, it seems to have a little bit of extra cosy factor and the ruffle is perfect. The book looks great, hope you get your favourite favourites done in time, it's so frustrating when you can't do everything, but there's always next year. I'm terribly behind on Christmas, my little red four-legged friend is keeping me busy :o) Have a good Christmas crafty week xx

    1. I know all about those puppy v things to be done moments ! What will they both make of Christmas trees do you think?! K xx

    2. I've a feeling the Christmas tree could be a little stressful in our house this year - see and scroll down a bit :o) Have a great weekend. Jx


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