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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 17 November 2014

A little R and R ...

Last week, rather sneakily, we took off for two nights for a quick get away before
the madness that is the run up to Christmas descends upon Nursery and home.
Not in the caravan this time but to a Castle - as you do !!
A castle perched right on the edge of the cliffs in Tintagel, Cornwall.

We haven't been there before but the location looked amazing and as
we had heard that it was a very dog friendly hotel Otto came along for the ride too.

And yes, to say the location was amazing was probably a bit of an understatement,
it was quite breath taking, and as we were there during one of the wettest and windiest days of November I can tell you it literally did take our breath away.
It was all we could do to stand up straight when we were outside.
Otto was not sure he liked it at all and just stood there forlornly with his ears
 blowing in all directions.
Starting the day with breakfast looking out at this view was quite something,
with the view from our room being just as spectacular.
The weather didn't stop one mad Englishman and his dog from enjoying the beach
and a drive across a very wet and windy Bodmin Moor delivered everything you would expect in terms of atmospheric bleakness and true Cornish beauty.
We certainly weren't going to mess with this chap who didn't look that impressed with us passing by
( in the car I hasten to add ! )
But after the rain came the sun, a double rainbow and a
bright late afternoon.

It was a really lovely little break and I still believe that Cornwall is just as beautiful
in the Winter as in the Summer, if not better.
And did the hotel live up to our expectations .... um, tricky one.
It was different, very different.
Perfect for the dog in that our room was very basic and fixtures and fittings were,
lets say, adequate but the two words that would sum it up would be quirky and peculiar.
I couldn't help but lie in bed imagining all the things I would do to it if it were my hotel.
Rather foolishly we also delved a little deeper in to Trip Advisor reviews on our first night there,
on hindsight probably not the best of ideas.
But we had lots of fun,
rest and relaxation was achieved
and the sea air certainly blew the cobwebs away.
Most importantly there was time for some serious crocheting
and I'm pretty much there with this one now.
I have one more handful of bobbles to make
and hopefully this big old blanket will be on the sofa just in time for the arrival
of the colder evenings.
Oh and yes, I just may have the next little project all lined up and ready to go.
Always best to be prepared, don't you think ?


  1. Hi Kate, your post made me smile so much-fabulous scenery down there in Cornwall, you certainly did brave the elements and Otto had his first jollies!. Amazing photos.
    Your blanket is looking wonderful. I actually had a pompom maker delivered last week-I am sure sales must have increased after your post, they really are fun.
    Have a lovely week.

    1. Yes Helen, the scenery really was amazing.
      Hope you're enjoying pom poming !
      K x

  2. The colour of that sea - GORGEOUS! Love the look of that new yarn, lovely soft greys , looking forward to what you are going to do with it :)

    1. I have just started working with the new wool and it is absolutely gorgeous to work with - all will be revealed very soon ! K x

  3. We had the caravan on the cliff top further north from that hotel one Easter, remember walking on a windy day passed it. You can't beat Cornwall whatever the weather, off to the Xmas festival in Padstow in a couple of weeks. Anne x

    1. Hello Anne, we went for an evening stroll around Padstow, its so lovely isn't it and funnily enough I was saying to Dave I bet its lovely at Christmas. Enjoy the festival - and don't forget to take some photo's ! K x

  4. Sorry to hear that the hotel wasn't what it could have been, as you say, when you are in charge.....!! I think things like that sometimes too. It looks as though the scenery was stunning though, so that is wonderful! Poor Otto being blown around though, I hope that he is feeling rather less windblown now that he is home again! Loving the look of your crochet and the new yarns - lovely greys by the looks of them! xx

    1. We did have a bit of a giggle about it though Amy, it was like being in the Adams family film ! If it was mine I would make into the most amazing hotel that would be free for all crocheters to visit every weekend ! Kx

  5. I am now very jealous that you have been to my beloved Cornwall even though I was there for a somewhat flying visit at the beginning of the month. I have been to Tintagel and know exactly where this hotel is. The views there are spectacular. I do have a bit of a thing for Highlands we have some living in our village. I must also confess I am a little in love with Drops wool at the moment and have had a new delivery just this week and projects have been started.

    Glad you are feeling better after your R & R ready for the crazy season.

    1. It was the best trip Mitzi - I love Cornwall, you just can't beat it can you ? And I think I am also a little in love with Drops wool now - its so lovely to work with isn't it ? K xx

  6. I saw that Hotel on Doc Martin and wondered what it was like! The views were certainly spectacular...and.....OH MY WORD......your last sea picture is utterly gorgeous. I can't stop looking at it.

    Your blanket is looking really rather gorgeous too, oh those pom poms!

    Have a super rest of a week!

    Vanessa xxx

    1. Funnily enough there was photo of Martin Clunes in the foyer. I can see why they would pick it as a location - it was quite amazing - on the outside !
      Have a good week Vanessa and thank you for dropping by, K xx

  7. Tintagel is a wonderful place and the coastline is so dramatic, definitely the right place for blowing away a few cobwebs and it sounds like it did! Your new blanket is lovely, loving those bobbles! I've just started a purple project with Drops Alpaca, feels quite different to the Stylecraft dk I seem to have been working with for ages. Have a good week Kate.
    Jane xx

    1. It really is gorgeous wool isn't it Jane and sooooo many colours to choose from - the possibilities are endless ! K xx

  8. Cornwall looks so beautiful, definitely somewhere I would love to visit one day. I'm so looking forward to seeing your blanket, your blankets are always stunning and I'm sure this one will be too. Have a great week.
    Marianne x

  9. Beautiful Cornish photos....I loved seeing them! I was just wondering who was looking after Otto when I read the bit about the dog friendly hotel! Loved the description of Otto's ears blowing about in all directions :) glad you had a good break, it sounds such a change and so refreshing.
    Happy week, Kate.
    Helen xox

  10. That's what I call a cow! Breathtaking photos, Cornwall is so beautiful isn't it. And the rainbow picture is stunning. I love your crochet blankets so much, they're so classy. Is that double crochet on the one you've nearly finished? I really like the yarn you've got lined up for the next project too. I'm intrigued to know what it's going to be. Glad you had such a lovely break, sometimes the quirky places are the most memorable! CJ xx

  11. Oh that is the most beautiful place Kate! My dad was a Scot, and I always had a hankering to visit (I have before but I was travelling in a Campervan) and actually stay in a lovely hotel and explore the surrounding areas! Lucky you :)


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