Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 24 November 2014

That little Christmas to do list ...

 So here's an interesting fact to start off this weeks little catch up...
there are only
-just thought you might like to know !
And my lovely hubby when informed of this said " No ! I 've done nothing ! "
Had to chuckle, so that will be the nothing of the nothing that you do for Christmas then.

Annnywayyyy ...
it may all be a bit late in the day but I am definitely beginning to think Christmas now,
and a few little Christmassy makes are stacking up on that to do list in my head.
I ordered this lovely pattern book the other day, 

I could quite happily make every single thing in the book, 
but normal everyday life has got in the way of that a bit so I'm just going
 to have to settle for my favourite favourites, rather than just my favourites.

This gorgeous wreath is a must I think,

and how cute is this bunting ?

And even though I have several other things on the go I have to confess to having 
already started a hot water bottle cover this weekend.

I reckon I could easily make a full time job out of crocheting and knitting all day,
I don't even think I'd get fed up with it, and I certainly wouldn't need to be paid, 
I'd be quite happy to do it for free ...
maybe one day ... a girl can dream.

Do you remember this photo I posted a couple of weeks ago ?
Well, after a little bit of head scratching

this happened ...

and then this happened.

And I  ♥ them.
I found the pattern here in Ravelry.

The ruffled edging is my favourite bit,
just three little rows of crochet but such a big effect.

 They are the warmest mittens ever and I'm sure its because there's so much
 snuggly wool around my wrists.

The one on the right was my prototype as I wasn't at all sure 
that I would be able to do them,

( note to self : thumb a bit too long ! )

But they were so easy, much easier than I had imagined 
as you simply just work round and round and round. 
I think I prefer the fluffy Alpaca wool as well , its certainly a lot more forgiving 
with the final appearance of the mittens as it hides all the little tension differences.
Just need to finish off the other fluffy one now to complete the matching pair.

Wishing you all a happy week of Christmassy crafting.


Monday, 17 November 2014

A little R and R ...

Last week, rather sneakily, we took off for two nights for a quick get away before
the madness that is the run up to Christmas descends upon Nursery and home.
Not in the caravan this time but to a Castle - as you do !!
A castle perched right on the edge of the cliffs in Tintagel, Cornwall.

We haven't been there before but the location looked amazing and as
we had heard that it was a very dog friendly hotel Otto came along for the ride too.

And yes, to say the location was amazing was probably a bit of an understatement,
it was quite breath taking, and as we were there during one of the wettest and windiest days of November I can tell you it literally did take our breath away.
It was all we could do to stand up straight when we were outside.
Otto was not sure he liked it at all and just stood there forlornly with his ears
 blowing in all directions.
Starting the day with breakfast looking out at this view was quite something,
with the view from our room being just as spectacular.
The weather didn't stop one mad Englishman and his dog from enjoying the beach
and a drive across a very wet and windy Bodmin Moor delivered everything you would expect in terms of atmospheric bleakness and true Cornish beauty.
We certainly weren't going to mess with this chap who didn't look that impressed with us passing by
( in the car I hasten to add ! )
But after the rain came the sun, a double rainbow and a
bright late afternoon.

It was a really lovely little break and I still believe that Cornwall is just as beautiful
in the Winter as in the Summer, if not better.
And did the hotel live up to our expectations .... um, tricky one.
It was different, very different.
Perfect for the dog in that our room was very basic and fixtures and fittings were,
lets say, adequate but the two words that would sum it up would be quirky and peculiar.
I couldn't help but lie in bed imagining all the things I would do to it if it were my hotel.
Rather foolishly we also delved a little deeper in to Trip Advisor reviews on our first night there,
on hindsight probably not the best of ideas.
But we had lots of fun,
rest and relaxation was achieved
and the sea air certainly blew the cobwebs away.
Most importantly there was time for some serious crocheting
and I'm pretty much there with this one now.
I have one more handful of bobbles to make
and hopefully this big old blanket will be on the sofa just in time for the arrival
of the colder evenings.
Oh and yes, I just may have the next little project all lined up and ready to go.
Always best to be prepared, don't you think ?

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Days to remember ....

Friday was a big day.
Our little Beth Graduated from Bournemouth University after 4 years of hard work,
( and a teensy bit of partying too ! )
It seems like only yesterday that we were dropping her off for her first day,
all of us anxious but excited at what lay ahead.
With Meg Graduating last year and Beth this year we are two very, very proud parents.
Beyond proud.
 This week it was my turn to do the Church flowers again,
especially thought provoking with it being Remembrance Sunday.
There's something very special about spending a peaceful hour or so
quietly arranging flowers in such beautiful surroundings.
 I would have loved to have had a profusion of poppies
but instead I bought roses in varying shades of red that allowed me to
make a display that had the deep reds at the bottom working up to
an orangey red sunset at the top.
With the 11th November on Tuesday and this year seeing the centenary of the
First World War there is so much to be remembered as we go about our daily lives.
We owe so much.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Let the hibernating begin ...

Yup, I'm ready !
I enjoyed soaking up the last few warm sunny rays last week
whilst sitting drinking tea in the garden,

and thinking how many leaves there will be fluttering down from our huge
horse chestnut tree
( husband not at all happy about this )
but I am ready now to snuggle up inside and hibernate for a bit.
My sun levels are full after such a lovely, long lasting summer
and I am looking forward to the change that will come with the winter months ahead.
Life will gravitate from outdoorsy to indoorsy
and that's absolutely fine by me.
After all there's so much fun to be had inside....

.... teeny pumpkins have been made

... and have decorated our table across the Halloween weekend
... with a candle lit in the evenings.

 Toffee apples have been made

... Halloween tights have been put on

and the day itself was well and truly celebrated
way in to the small hours.

Last bits of garden tidying have been done,
with a lot of help from Otto,
... Homemade bread has been eaten with hot bowls of vegetable soup

and the Autumn blanket has grown so much it

no longer fits in the basket it is being stored in.

The kitchen has been a hive of activity with Beth and Matt 
making THE most delicious chicken pie

and the weekend was finished off in pretty much the best possible way.
Yes, there may have been coughs and colds and chest infections  :(
but it doesn't matter,
I am indoors and staying indoors.
Happy Hibernating Everyone.