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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
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Friday, 13 December 2013

Wreath making...

On Monday this week I spent a truly heavenly afternoon at a wreath making
class at Babington House.
My friend Claire had invited me and I didn't even stop to draw breath when she asked if I'd like to go along with her.
Oh Yes, Yes, Yes Please !
Babington House is one of my most favourite places in the world, the minute you enter the driveway every little stress just slips away.
Its an absolute haven of loveliness deep in the Somerset countryside.
The class was taking place in The Log Room and look at the sight that greeted us as we walked in !
Running down the middle of the room was a long table with our evergreen wreaths laid out around the edge waiting for us,
and down the middle of the table was an array of Christmassy
 bits and bobs, from baubles and peacock feathers to dried orange and apple slices, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and ribbons of all colours.

We started off by adding more texture and dimension to the wreaths by carefully adding
 twigs into the wire frame that held all the pieces of evergreen fir.

Ooh , look there she is, the lovely Claire, with her very serious "I'm concentrating" glasses on...
and that's Claire's wreath beginning to take shape.

A lot of happy chit chat was taking place as we all worked away, taking hints and tips from Ron who was running the class.
And of course there was Christmas music playing.
Obviously it was essential to tuck into the mince pies to keep blood sugar levels up.

It was really interesting watching how all the wreaths took shape,
we all had the same starting point and the same decorations to choose from
 but they were all so different.
Some were asymmetric and modern looking,
others were very symmetrical and traditional - well, mine was !
As much as I loved the look of the more modern designs I just couldn't make myself do it.
 Just haven't got it in me.
I'm just utterly neat and tidy to the end, symmetry all the way for me please.

All of the extras that we added to our wreaths were attached to florists wire, and poked through into the framework.
Citrus slices were looped together and baubles and pine cones
sat happily alongside each other.
 I added some ribbon roses into mine.

Antonella, from Babington House had popped in to add a few extras to her
wreath, that she had made the day before, after having rummaged at home
 through her selection of brightly coloured decorations.
Her wreath was gorgeous, totally unique.
Here she is with her wreath and Ron from Flowers by Passion who was running the session.

Once I had placed all of the extra bits into my wreath
I carefully turned it over and began to secure all the bits of wire into the foliage.
( Sore fingers the next day - but hey, no pain, no gain !)

A big green bow to finish it off , and there it is .. ta-dah !

Happily in place on our door.

Just before I go
( so shouldn't be writing a post this morning - sooooo much else I should be doing...)
two more very quick pics,
one of little Minky in her festive Christmas jumper,

 and look at these....
two of my favourite things all rolled into one..
Fairy lights and crochet !!
Who'd have thought.
I LOVE them.
I saw them on Tangled Happy a couple of days ago and,
 needless to say, the sparkly wool has already been ordered.

Beautiful !


  1. Oh my goodness you look as though you had a marvelous time that would of been my idea of heaven. Your completed wreath looks fantastic and of course you just so happened to have the perfect place to hang it.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the day! Your wreath is gorgeous, and looks so pretty on your door. Love Minky's little festive coat, and those crochet lights are amazing!
    Helen x

  3. Your wreath looks lovely Kate, it's so satisfying making your own. The aroma in the room must have been quite intoxicating with all those dried fruits, spices and spruce branches! Minky looks adorable in her new jumper. Love those little crochet fairy lights - might have a go.
    Jane x

  4. What a great place to spend an afternoon wreath making, it looks so Christmassy. Love your crochet lights :) xx

  5. Oh Kate, I'm green with envy over your wreath-making afternoon; it sounds fabulous. As for your wreath - it's beautiful! I should definitely have to be symmetrical too!

    Minky looks such a peach in her festive jumper - Bertie would go bonkers if I tried to wrestle him into one!

    I've seen those crochet lights on Pinterest, yours look absolutely super!

    Heather x

  6. Your wreath is beautiful and it looks very festive hanging on your door. How fun of your friend to invite you to go and make wreaths together. I will be looking forward to seeing your crocheted christmas lights! xx

  7. I love Minky's little coat - very festive. Did you make it yourself? :)

    1. Hi Jacky,
      Yes, I did. It's the quickest jumper I've ever made !

  8. I do not know what I love more, the wreath ( what a fab way to spend the day!) or Minky's little coat! Sarah xo

  9. That looks like so much fun! I've never made my own wreath - we have a red fake berry one that comes out every year (sounds hideous but is actually quite nice, i promise!) but I'd love to have a go at making a real one. x


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