Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Thursday, 19 December 2013

On the Thursday before Christmas ....

On the Thursday before Christmas....
I am very happily having a 'pootling at home' day to try and
 crack the last few things to be done before Christmas.
I love being at home and just enjoying the time away from the
hustle and bustle of a busy Nursery School.
Today I am particularly loving... two new Pixies that I just happened to spy when I was
shopping in Bath earlier this week.
They have been added to my little Pixie collection
and will return at Christmas every year from now on.

This one has the particularly important job of looking
 after the bubbly left from my 50th earlier this year.

Good job Pixie !
 I am loving the gorgeous Christmassy smell of the pot pourri in our lounge.

The whole house seems to have been filled with it's delicious
 cinnamony, orangy, spicy fragrance.

I am loving that I have finally finished my hood.

It took a bit of time as I made a few changes
to the pattern but I got there in the end.

Its so snuggly and warm.. just need some snow now please !

I am also LOVING that I have finally got round to attacking the ironing pile
that was beginning to take root in the ironing basket..

See - all gone, the kitchen table is clear !
 Replaced with a much needed cuppa and mince pie and a
couple of minutes to sit and cross things off my list
 - sooooo very pleasing.

Loving that even my bed has had a little Christmas makeover
ready for the festive season.


Loving a quiet evening finishing off some little Christmas table favours for dinner
 with friends this weekend.

Thinking it's the calm before the storm ...
Christmas food shopping day tomorrow.



  1. The pixies are sooo sweet, love them! Your hood looks really good, but it looks like it was a complicated project, clever you. Your house looks lovely too - all ready to go, unlike mine, which seems to be very slow going this year. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year Kate.
    Jane xx

    1. Thank you Jane. I loved your post too about all your favourite decorations coming out each year and all the tales attached How exciting that your girls are home from Uni soon, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas,
      Kate x

  2. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, round at bloggy Kate's....

    Pixie does indeed have a very important job on that champagne bottle, especially with Christmas and New Year just around the corner, someone might try and drink it!! Happy Christmas. xx

    1. Yes Amy, not sure the bubbly will still be there this time next week !
      Happy Christmas to you too bloggy Amy ( Love that , tee hee ! )
      Kate x

  3. It all looks wonderful and I love the pixies. Hope the Christmas food shop goes well.

    1. Hi Mitzi
      Food shopping... DONE ! Don't even want to say how much it came to !
      Have a lovely Christmas,
      Kate x

  4. Your home looks so festive and cosy. I love that hood! I found the bottom of my ironing pile yesterday and it made me SO happy. x


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