Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Saturday, 2 November 2013

To market, to market....

Having not quite overdosed on shopping on Saturday it was only right that we should head out again on Sunday.
Sunday was quite definitely Market day and all of the lanes were packed with shoppers and passers by.
 Someone had mentioned to us on Saturday that we should check out the Sunday Upmarket, so this was where we headed.

So many little reminders of historic London all around us - I was expecting Sherlock Holmes and Watson to coming flying round the corner at any minute..

..and with so many lovely boutiquey shops in amongst it all.

I just couldn't resist taking a picture of all these gorgeous colours in MAC.
The streets were lined with market stalls and this one selling cups of fresh fruit salad was doing a roaring trade.
There was a very dapper gentleman selling every type of hat you could wish for
 ... and then all of a sudden the smell of the food market hit us... and just Wow, Wow, Wow ...

...You name your food of choice , and it was there.

Chinese, Japanese, Jamaican, Spanish, Turkish, Indian, Italian and so the list went on, stall after stall, all tightly packed in next to each other...

The colours and displays were amazing.

I tried Dim Sum for the first time .... absolutely delicious.

Everywhere you looked people were chatting, tasting, smelling and well, just eating !

When all of our senses were full up we headed back outside and wandered in to another little market yard, and just on the corner of it was a tiny little art gallery.
The work on display was by Irma Pellegrini and it was just breathtaking .. I fell in love with it right there and then. Such a simple idea but so effective and totally unique...
Using Autumn leaves and little offcuts of wood she creates tiny people gently drifting by in the breeze, holding on to an Autumn leaf. There were so many different combinations to choose from...

...but in the end I chose these two,

and I love, love, love them.

They are now very happily drifting in the breeze in our hallway at home... little souvenir of a fab weekend in Shoreditch.
I so love living where we do in the countryside but just to be able to dip your toe into the buzz and hustle and bustle of London occasionally is such a treat.
Same time, same place , next year !
( Photo booth evidence..)


  1. I love the little leaf people, they are beautiful. xx

  2. Wow! You would think you were in Asia somewhere. Thanks for the tour, it looks like a magical place.

  3. What a fantastic trip! I also love living close to the city, I love the buzz of arriving and exploring, but I equally love coming home to the countryside and quiet after an adventure! I'm drooling over the food stalls - can't really find dim sum around here! - and your leaves are simply stunning, I'm going to look up the artist and see if I can get some, I'm enchanted by them! Chrissie x

    1. Hi Chrissie
      I'm glad you love then too - they're certainly very special. She takes commissions as well so you could choose for example to have a whole family of people, or she frames them as well. So reasonable too, I paid £15.00 for two.
      Kate x

  4. What an amazing market and your leaves are just so lovely...what a lovely thing it would be to float away on a leaf. Sarah xo

  5. I was born and bred in London and the only thing I miss about it now is the fantastic markets. I know they are all over the UK but there is something about the London markets that you just don't seem to get anywhere else. Just wanted to say thanks for the tip about the foam pieces to block your crochet work out on. Ordered a pack through Amazon which arrived Friday £5.27 for 9 pieces with free P & P and ready to be put to good use.

  6. Ooh Kate, I'm green with envy - your weekend sounds so much fun. I've not been to London for ages. Silly really as it only takes about an hour on the train.

    Completely smitten with your floaty leaf people too, such a fantastic and original idea.

    Heather x


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