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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Remember, remember the 5th November ....

Is it just me or is anyone else wondering how we got to 5th November quite so quickly ? It seems like only yesterday that we were enjoying the most beautiful Summer and now here we are at Bonfire Night.
Autumn certainly seems to have well and truly arrived in our little corner of Wiltshire, everywhere you look there are the most amazing displays of colour...
...the view from my kitchen window just makes you want to snuggle up indoors, even our caravan is hibernating under its cover.

Not much hibernating for me though this week .
We had a very warm and cosy, autumny crochet morning at Merkins Farm.

Lots of chatter and crocheting took place .
 Jayne's sofa throw is coming on a treat, cosy winter colours and lots and lots and lots of half trebles.

My current project is also nearly there, but I can't take too many pics as this is heading someone's way for Christmas... say no more.

It's been so quick to do. I am loving the stripes and you just can't beat Granny clusters.

Another little project that I've had on the go, and which was finally finished this week is a bit of a makeover on a mirror that I've had for ages but that I've never really liked the colour of.

So, out came the paint pots..... and this is what it looks like now.
I didn't really have any great plans, I just used up lots of ends of pots, all of a stoney, creamy colour and then when it was all really well dried I gave it a sand down to bring out some definition and give it a bit of texture.

I love it now and it works really well as the mirror by our back door - and on top of that it's the perfect place for my little Hare that I bought from Patchwork Chickens when I was in Skipton for Yarndale.
We have had some amazing misty mornings here this week - this is the view from over the wall at work and it has been quite stunning in the past few days.

My little camera on my phone really doesn't do it justice.

My other little discovery this week is Pompom makers - HOW have I never come across them before - soooooo much fun ! The pompom possibilities are endless !
I bought the smallest size to start off with and whilst the instructions on the packet were a little of the Ikea flat pack variety a quick Google on YouTube got me started.
  Within an hour or two there were pompoms everywhere.

These pompoms already have a final destination planned but I'm thinking Christmassy colours, garlands - where will it end !!

Oh, and also this week there was just time to buy my first Christmas decoration of the year.


  1. Your blanket is really coming along but I really like the colours of Jaynes. Your recyled mirror looks fantastic. As for pom poms I bought a much simpler one from Hobbycraft a number of years ago in fact it's getting s little worn now so may need to purchase another one. I love adding pom poms to things. I like your little Christmas decoration too. You can never start planning for Christmas too early in my opinion :-) I'm in search of a miniature christmas tree to send out to my son in Afghanistan as he will still be on tour at Christmas this year.

    1. Hi Mitsi
      The colours of Jayne's blanket are gorgeous aren't they ?
      I totally agree with you about Christmas - I hope you can find a little tree to send out to your son. Perhaps you could crochet one - I bet there's a pattern out there somewhere !
      Thanks for dropping by,
      Kate x

  2. I agree Kate...I only actually noticed this morning that it was Nov 5th as I did my blog post....time is just flying by!
    Gorgeous crochet projects and it looks such a lovely place to meet up.
    You've done a wonderful job with your mirror too and pompom makers are definitely on my list!...I'd like to make a garland or wreath for Xmas but have a feeling it will be much quicker using the new type (will keep YouTube in mind too!)
    Happy Tuesday!
    Susan x

    1. Thank you Susan - seems we both thought today was a good day for a 'round up' post !
      Kate x

  3. Your mirror looks great, and it is the perfect place for your little hare isn't it! Love the description of pom poms all over the place, I'm picturing you buried under a mountain of them on your sofa! xx

    1. Hi Amy
      You just might be right there - that's funny !
      Kate x

  4. It does seem to have gone even quicker this year than last year... all I can hear now is the banging of loud fireworks going off. Love pom pom makers :) xx

  5. Such a lovely post! Your current blanket looks beautiful, and I agree you can't beat treble clusters, so relaxing to do. The mirror looks beautiful, you have completely transformed it, I really love it. Have a great week!
    Marianne xx

  6. What a very creative post packed with lots of makes! I love the crocheted blankets - and nothing beats a granny cluster for speedy, pretty gifts! Looks like we're both pom pom mad at the moment... ;-) And your mirror, what a beautiful transformation! Chrissie x

  7. Love your mirror Kate and your gorgeous Hare looks very much at home on it! Aww pom poms, now doesn't that bring back childhood memories. Have a good weekend Sarah xo


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