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Monday, 30 September 2019



    I am an Autumn Adorer !
 I love absolutely everything about about this season, 
right from the very start where the trees just start to take on differing shades of gold, 
to digging around in piles of leaves for conkers, 
to the smell of bonfire night 
and then that first frosty crunch of the year 
when the fallen leaves become crisp and delicate in the cold.

I don't think I will ever get fed up of this beautiful season.
Whether the days are bright and sunny 
or cold and wet 
they each bring with them the sense of the year drawing to a close 
and the time for a little bit of home hibernating.


And of course, it goes without saying,
 that with said home hibernating comes all things crochet !




Over the past few years my Autumn crochet makes seems to have increased somewhat
 and so I thought I'd put together a post sharing a few of my favourites.

Firstly - Pumpkins !
I just love everything about them, 
from their shape to the huge array of colours 
to the fun you can have crocheting them, the list is endless.


These little yarny pumpkins are perfect as table or mantle piece decorations
 - but be warned - 
they are seriously addictive 
and once you've made one
 you'll suddenly find yourself surrounded by a little pumpkin patch !

These ones are some that I designed for last year 
and you can find the free patterns here

And if you fancy a bit of teeny crochet you could have a go at hooking up some of these mini pumpkin keyrings. ( Pattern in the link above)


And then of course, you could go to the complete other extreme and go LARGE !
The same pattern can be used for pumpkins of all different sizes, 
from thin cotton yarn to big and chunky, 
just choose the hook size accordingly and off you go.


Then, when you're all pumpkinned out, 
 there's another whole world awaiting of crocheted Autumn leaves.

From the simplest of garlands made of bunches of oak leaves and acorns, 
 to ones abundant with golden leaves and pine cones 
the only limit is your imagination.


This Autumn Garland (below) is one that I designed for Simply Crochet's 2019 Calendar, 
the idea behind it being an Autumn walk in the woods 
where your feet are landing on a soft carpet of leaves 
and when you look hard enough,
hidden in amongst the leaves, are lots of tiny bright toadstools, 
poking through to the see the daylight.

Lastly, if you still have some orange yarn left over, 
how about a little Pumpkin Mouse to keep an eye on all those crochet pumpkins !

He is such a quick thing to make, as like the other pumpkin patterns, his body is simply a rectangle of crochet, gathered top and bottom and stuffed with toy stuffing. His head and ears are worked from a Magic Ring and his arms and tail are simply crochet chains.
If you fancy having a go the pattern is here.

And so, I wish you a very Happy October 
that will hopefully be full to the brim with lots of Autumn crochet!



  1. Hello, as I was out blog walking came across you on a mutual blog friends blog and thought I'd pop over for a visit. It's always fun to meet new bloggers. Your little mouse is darling. It's funny/odd, I don't remember people decorating for fall before. But, for some reason this year, I'm seeing lots of it as I do both my virtual walk (though blogs) and my walk through the neighborhood. I'm not a fan of fall, so the opposite of you. I LOVE summer so seeing it come to an end always makes me sad. I hate to see everything dying. Trees losing leaves, many this year without turning colors; must be the weather. All the flower beds drying up, looking brown and ugly. What I really dislike though about fall is, the season that comes after it. Your decorations are very cute. Perhaps if I did a wee bit of decorating I wouldn't be so sad about summer being over. Hum, might give it a try.
    <a href=">Sandy's Space</a>

  2. I really really love all your autumnal crochet work. It looks so cozy and warm and just lovely.
    Have a lovely evening.

    Sweet greetings,

  3. Your autumn projects are lovely Kate maybe there could be another book that covers the four seasons.


  4. Lovely pics and gorgeous crochet, you're very talented

  5. hello.I Love your blog and all your creations.I have made a couple of your baby blankets thanks for sharing.i also am a huge fan of Autumn,I love Leaves.Have always loved the winter,maybe being born in January has something to do with it.Happy Hooking.

  6. Such lovely crochet and yes Autumn is a beautiful time.. love the mouse.

  7. So cute!! I adore all your beautiful Autumn Makes. I got quite a bit of work on suddenly and had to temporarily put aside my seasonal bunting for a while, but blogging about it recently has made me want to pick it up again soon! (I'm @voiceshands on Instagram) The post you are mentioned in will go live on the 15th. :)


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