Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 21 March 2016

Happy Easter

Whilst I absolutely love getting stuck in to making a big old soothing crochet blanket
 I have also found that I do love a little fiddly pootle every now and again 
and this has certainly been the case over the last couple of weeks with not one, 
but two projects on the go.

One by one lots of little Springy, Eastery things have been hooked up
and in no time at all I had accumulated a whole egg box full of ingredients
 to make a couple of Easter decorations.

For the first one I wanted to do something a little different to previous years
 so rather than hanging everything from branches in a vase as I have done before,
 I had a good old rummage around the bottom of the hedges in our garden 
and found the perfect shaped branch to create a hanging bough.

It has to be said that both dogs looked at me a little strangely when I brought 
it in, having been told many a time that sticks are to stay in the garden
 and are not for in the house, but thankfully once adorned with all its chickery it looks
 a lot less stick like and seems to have gone undetected by the doggy radar !

If you fancy having a go, my patterns for the eggs, chicks and blossom flowers
 are all available here at or in the right hand side bar 
of this blog page, along with all my other Crochet Club patterns.

For the second decoration I made a few crocheted primroses and then popped in to the
 florist to buy three stems of the most beautiful Pussy Willow.

With a little gentle bending I carefully wound the three branches around each other 
and then in to a circle to make a wreath shape.


I joined them together at the top by wrapping some thin florists wire around the stems
 and then used some string to cover the wire and to make a hanging loop.


For the finishing touches I added a raffia bow and
 some imitation eggs to hang from the top and then,
using a needle and thread, I attached the little primroses
 to the stems with a few stitches.

And then there was just time for a quick photo before this 
one was delivered to my Mum !

Happy Easter.


  1. I love your Easter decorations and the wreath. Those chicks with the bells on their toes are such fun and the primroses just lovely!

  2. I love your Easter wreath, thanks for the inspiration

    1. Thank you Sandra, Hope you get to make one too xx

  3. I haven't even thought of Easter... our holidays from school come after the break, so it doesn't actually feel very Easterish here!

    1. Yes, it seems a bit odd going straight in to Easter before the school holidays have started, doesn't it ? Hope you have a good break xx

  4. I love the cute little chicks and absolutely adore the wreath - pussy willow and crochet flowers, fab-u-lous! Have a great week xx

    1. Thank you Jane xx Hope you a lovely Easter weekend xx

  5. Super Easter decorations, what a great way to display them....I especially like your wreath. x

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  7. Beautiful. I love being able to bring the outside in and this is why, look how lovely it all looks. Have a wonderful Easter x x

    1. Me too Gem - thank you. Have a lovely Easter xx

  8. I love all of your designs! The little chicks on the branch are adorable as is the wreath. Wishing you a joyous Easter holiday, Pat

  9. Have just been catching up on all your fabulous creations, your designs are wonderful as are the colours used in the last few posts. I hope you had a lovely Easter. x

  10. So gorgeous, love everything you do, colours are fabulous too. Must learn to crochet now...


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