Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Bring on Spring ....

Is it just me, or are you longing for Spring to show its face too ?

I am so over Winter now - 
actually, its not so much Winter I'm over, as I adore cold, frosty mornings,
 log fires and getting cosied up inside -
it's the rain, and the mud  and then more rain and more mud ! 
Has it actually stopped raining at all since about November ? 

I wouldn't have even minded snow, would have LOVED some snow !

But just enough already of the wet and the squelching and 
the muddy paw prints throughout the house and the endless paw wiping
 and dirty dog towels.

I cannot help but long for a little bit of Spring sunshine
and I know that it's literally just around the corner.
Just as sure as Winter follows Autumn, Spring is waiting in the wings.

And this being England I know only too well that we could go from 
wet and rainy to gloriously sunny and warm all in the space of one day -
and that's completely fine by me !

So until then I'm going to subconsciously will it on with a whole lot of 
Springtime colour in all my crochet makes......

from my Spring Flower Garland ....

to tiny yellow primroses .....

and blossom coloured flowers ....

to beautiful pastel coloured yarn .....

and bright zingy spring tones

to my Cherry Blossom Poncho.

Come on Spring,
you can do it !!


  1. Love all your makes. I'm thinking of doing a Spring Garland or wreath, do you have a photo of yours 😆

  2. Just looked at your post for Spring Garland it's gorgeous 😆

    1. Glad you found the Spring Garland post - I hope it helped xx

  3. Absolutely love your Spring Garland photos, cute little flowers! xx

  4. Gorgeous little flowers, a lovely antidote to all of the mud. CJ xx

    1. Hello CJ - how are you ? Perhaps I should just get Yarnbombing and cover all the mud with crochet flowers 😄 Have a great weekend xx

  5. Hi. The poncho is fabulous. Do you have the pattern/know where I could get it? :)

    1. Hi Becky, thank you - the pattern for the poncho is in the right hand sidebar of my blog xx

  6. I know what you mean about daughter lost her shoe in the mud walking across our yard...yuk! Our driveway is a sodden mess! So thanks for all the pretty pictures...hope for dryer days!

    1. I think we're all done with the mud now aren't we 😀 ! Here's to Spring ! Xx

  7. I am liking this Millamia wool the colours are gorgeous. I'm going to have to go and investigate this further. Definitely with you Kate can't wait for Spring now so I can get the boys out for some proper walks instead of a quick once round the village and back in the warm.

  8. Oh yes, in definite need of cheerful spring here. Love your garland. Have a great week, Jane xx

  9. All so mouthwateringly pretty and springlike Kate, just love the little blossoms and flowers!
    Have a great week and lets hope next week will bring some proper warmth and sunshine!
    Gill xx

  10. really lovely blog!!so beautiful workslovely primeroses!!kisses from Italia!!

  11. I agree, agree, agree!!! I am so much over mud and rain and wind, as well. Please spring do come quickly! Your post is so beautiful, I love all the things you make. Thanks a lot for sharing them with us. Viola

  12. I just love your work and colour choices. Must learn to crochet. I am at present a knitter but long to learn how to use a hook!


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