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Monday, 19 October 2015

Autumn Garland

Last year I crocheted an Autumn Garland to hang on my fireplace and 
I have to admit to falling in love with everything about it -
 from the Autumn colours, to the little acorns, to the cosy feel that it
 brought to the room, 
so when asked me to put a tutorial together
 for them I jumped at the chance.

And here it is - the 2015 model !

                      This year I worked it  slightly differently in that I went for more of a rustic feel
                                              by making the main garland chain in twine.

                                  I wanted to create something that was not only simple to do
                                                    but that had a more natural look to it.

I used a 4 ply cotton yarn, as I find that cotton brings a really good texture
 and definition to smaller crochet items.

Without a shadow of doubt my most favourite part was making the teeny acorns - 
I just love them !
 There is something truly satisfying about quietly hooking away
 making these little treasures of nature.

I made the leaves in a selection of beautiful Autumnal shades,

     and then it was simply a matter of putting them in to little bunches 
and hanging them on the twine.

I added little tiny wooden pegs to mine as a finishing touch.

The full pattern and tutorial can be found here at 
or in the right hand side bar of my blog.


  1. Lovely last year and lovely again this year! xx

  2. Oh it's gorgeous, you never fail to amaze me with your lovely creations. Such beautiful colours, and I really love the acorns too. Cotton is a favourite of mine as well, the stitches always look so good in it. CJ xx

    1. Hi Cj, cotton is just so lovely to work with isn't it ? Have a good week xx

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  4. Lovely! I love all your garlands and especially the little acorns on this one. Have a great week xx

  5. Oh mega cute! Such a gorgeous Autumnal garland. Have a super rest of a week Kate xxxx

  6. Your garland is so pretty! I love the colors and your leaves and acorns are perfectly shaped. What a lovely job you did. Hope you are having a good week so far, Kate.

  7. This is lovely Kate but I don't think I would have the patience for this one or possibly the skills required.

  8. Oh my, how gorgeous is this. And I adore the colour palette you've used. Nicely done m'dear.


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