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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 26 October 2015

An apply weekend

 All in all this weekend was a very apply kind of affair.

For several weeks now, as the apples on our trees have ripened they have been picked, 
chopped and frozen in preparation for the arrival of Chutney Day.

And this Saturday was that day !

In the last couple of years it has become a bit of a ritual in our house with the
 finished chutney being much enjoyed for several months afterwards - 
and one very special and very large jar being set aside especially for Christmas.

The smell as it is cooking completely fills the house and the whole day is
 pretty much all about the grand cook up - 
with it happily bubbling away on the hob for several hours.

This years large harvest of apples meant we had two pans on the go -
increasing our output by a full 50% on last year - Happy Days !

The recipe couldn't be simpler, and there is definitely no particular science to it,
 as its very much an everything in all at once kind of cook up.

12 lbs of apples  ( after peeling )
3 large onions
(We also added a couple of pounds of rhubarb to our mix this year.)
5 lbs of Soft Brown Sugar
3 pints of vinegar
8 oz salt
4 oz garlic
Pickling spices ( placed in a muslin bag )
4 oz mustard seeds
6 heaped tsp cayenne pepper.
2 oz ground ginger
2 lb sultanas

We doubled the above recipe and made 35 jars ( all sizes ) of chutney.


  1. Looks delicious Kate and I'm sure it is enjoyed by many.

    1. Its a really good recipe Mitzi - would highly recommend it ! xx

  2. Delicious!!! I love a good home made chutney and I am sure that everyone who eats yours will love it. Great name for it too!! xx

    1. We had a lot of fun making it - you wouldn't believe how quickly it goes !! xx

  3. It sounds delicious, and well done on making 35 jars, I'm very impressed. It occurs to me that I'm impressed every time I come here! CJ xx

  4. It looks so yummy, I just wish I could smell it, I'll bet it smelt divine.
    I also have serious kitchen envy, it looks so lovely.
    Love Gem x x x

  5. Sounds yummy! Apples are wonderful at this time of year!

  6. Sounds delicious, thank you for the recipe - sooooo many jars! xx

  7. We had a great apple harvest this year too and I've baked and dried lots of apples. I didn't know you can freeze apples uncooked. I might make this chutney - just a small batch because we don't eat a lot of chutney. Thanks for the recipe.

  8. Yum! It sounds and looks delicious Kate.


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