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Monday, 12 October 2015

A penny saved .....

Back in August I wrote a blogpost about the first of two bags 
that I designed for

I  wanted to make a crochet bag that would have plenty of strength and
 that would not end up going saggy round the edges, a bag is a bag after all and 
needs to be full to bursting with all those useful things you need !

Anyway, after a fair bit of head scratching I designed the bags so that a hessian shopper
 ( available from all good supermarkets ! ) 
could be tucked inside to give that much needed strength, 
as well as very helpfully providing you with ready made handles.

This was the first design, the Bobbly Shopper

and here is second design,
 the Heart Shopper.

I really loved having a proper go at Tapestry crochet with this one. 
Having wanted to give it a try for some time it really wasn't half as 
complicated as I had convinced myself it would be.

I chose the Wendy Cotton Supreme to work with as I wanted a good, 
solid texture to the bag.

Once I had worked out the heart shape that I wanted on graph paper, 
transferring it to the actual crochet was very satisfying - and more than a little addictive ! 
Full details of both the chart and how to do the tapestry effect are included 
in the free pattern over at the lovecrochet blog.

Each bag is the same basic design in that it is made up of a rectangle for the front,
 one for the back and then a long strip that makes up the sides and the bottom of the bag.

The handles from the hessian bag are covered in another thin strip
 of crochet to match in with the bag.

So whether you're saving those pennies now that carriers are no longer free or you're 
looking for a bag that's just a little bit different ...

                                                          .. you need look no further !

The pattern can either be found here or 
by clicking on the photo on the right hand side of this blog page
 where all my Crochet with Kate patterns are listed.


  1. Superb, I love them both! Have a super week. Jxx

  2. Both bags are utterly gorgeous Kate.
    Marianne x

  3. They're brilliant, I love that they have a hessian bag inside them so that they're really strong. They'd be really great for a project bag as well I think. CJ xx

  4. Super-cute bags! So well done. I'd seen them on Instagram earlier in the week.

  5. I think that they are far too pretty to actually use!! Although they would make great crochet project bags wouldn't they. xx

  6. They are great bags, and I will be making one of each! My only concern is that they will eventually get dirty bottoms(!) and you wouldn't be able to pop them in the wash would you, as the jute bag is attached inside, with the handles around it. Any suggestions?

  7. its brilliant you are soooo clever D x

  8. Both the bags look really great. They're very useful too. We've been paying for our shopping/carrier bags for a couple of years now.

  9. Sensible bags in crochet?? I love them! (I want the heart one in a Cath Kidston blue with red heart and trimmings. It will have to wait because I have about 6 other projects to do first!)

  10. Another great make, love the little additions you add onto your items like the little bows.


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