Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Blog Hop

For my post this week I am very happily joining in with a Blog Hop.
I have a lovely mental picture of lots of bloggers hopping about in cyber space from one blog to another ... and this gorgeous little frog is exactly what I'm thinking of !
( Picture from Pinterest )
I was invited to join in by Chrissie from Chrissie Crafts.
If you haven't already visited Chrissie you absolutely have to pop on over, Chrissie is
without a doubt a true crafter, working on lots of different things at any one time,
and always up for a new crafty challenge whenever one comes along. 
Her posts are always chirpy and happy, written with wit and humour and
 the comments she leaves on my blog always leave me giggling. 
 The idea of the Blog Hop is to invite us all to visit new blogs we may not have been to
 before and to share what we love about crafting/blogging with each other.
Having been nominated by Chrissie, who is a follower of my blog, at the end of
 my post I will nominate three bloggers that I follow to take part next week.  
 We each have four questions to answer that will hopefully help you to get to
know us a little better.
So, if you are sitting comfortably I shall begin...

1. What am I working on?
Ah, now there's a question !
Where do I begin  ?
 I am a true crochet addict in every sense and consequently always have several
 things on the go at any one time. However I know that I am not alone in this and
many of you are probably nodding along in agreement as you read this !
 So, project number 1 ....
I have been busy building another tower of squares

that have now been laid out and pinned together,

sewn together
and I am currently working on the border.
I think I may just add one more row of green bobbles
 to finish it off.
I have already made a couple of blankets similar to this one and I am
loving working with both crochet and knitting.
Its also been a good exercise in getting me to work with colours a bit more.
Project number 2 is a second Super Quick Chunky blanket.
 I finished one last week but need another one for another
Birthday coming up next weekend.
Number 3 WIP is Immi's Uni blanket that has been ongoing for a while now.
It's a really lovely blanket to pick up and put down as it doesn't need much concentration
to work on it and it is slowly but surely getting bigger.
As long as it is done by September when Immi is off and away all will be fine.
Its kind of become a bit of a tradition that each of my three girls have had a blanket to
 take with them when they have left home for the first time.
This is Megs one that I made when she moved out last Summer into her first house,
and this is Beth's Uni one, which was all about the pink !

Each blanket comes with a little Home from Home heart.
I thought that was it but then I remembered I also have a shawl tucked away in the drawer.
This is definitely a project that needs quite a bit of concentration so I tend to do a bit
 and then put it away for a while.
Its so nearly finished though that I really should have one last go at it.
I have already made a grey one in the same pattern which I love lots.

And that's it I think ....
well for the time being anyway !

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
If I was asked to describe my style I would say that I like the things I make to be quite
 simple in pattern and colour. 
I have only really come to crochet fairly recently having only knitted up until that point,
 and having never been a great fan of traditional crochet I think my work has a
fairly contemporary twist to it.

I particularly love making blankets where the main body is worked as one
solid piece of fabric rather than lots of tiny squares.
There is something so calming about working steadily,
backwards and forwards, watching the blanket slowly grow.

Greys, taupes, and creams are definitely my go to colours,
but lately I am really working on pushing my colour boundaries a bit more.

I have really enjoyed working on these three blankets for our caravan. I love the colour
combinations of deep reds, muted greens and cream.
Crochet blankets
3. Why do I write/create what I do?
I think I have always been a creative person, from being quite arty at school,
to learning to knit as a teenager, to making quite a lot of my clothes when younger.
I have also always been a complete homebody and love nothing more than creating a cosy and comfortable environment for me and my family to live in - just pootling really !
My love of crochet works perfectly with this and I have had so much pleasure from
filling our home with things that I have made.
When I'm back from work crochet is my absolute number one choice for down time
 - it is, without a doubt, my therapy !

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
I think I can honestly say that there is no logical process to this at all
- I would love it if there was, but there isn't !
An idea pops in to my head of something to make or a new project to start and that's it ..
 the seed is sewn and more often than not I have to start it right there and then.
I love making things for our house, presents for family and friends and trying out ideas and patterns that I have picked up from all the lovely blogs out there.
I don't think I can say that I have ever reached a point of not knowing what to make next as
 I always have several ideas on the go at once.

For example I spent yesterday morning moving things around in the garden to make
a little shady place to sit in .

It took a couple of hours to get everything where it looked right and no sooner had
 I sat down to enjoy the first of many cups of tea in my new corner than I thought
 ... ooo wouldn't that cushion look lovely with a colourful Little Woolie style crochet cover !
And yes, you've guessed it, I have already decided upon the colours and if the wool
shop had been open today I would be there right now !
  And so, there you have it, that's me !
My only remaining task is to hand on the Blog Hop frog to
Jules @ Little Woollie, Sharon @ Perfect Days and Gillian @ Tales from a Happy House.
( Picture from Pinterest )

Jules at Little Woollie has the most unique style, her work is colourful, unusual and totally gorgeous in equal measures. I find her work so inspirational, and have already attempted my own version of her stripy multi stitch blanket, with cushion covers very soon to follow. I have yet to try the tapestry crochet method that she is SO good at, but its on my list !
Gillian at Tales from a Happy House has such lovely taste and the photo's of her house make you wish you could just pop in for a cup of tea. Gillian has a very good knowledge on all things photographic and her two recent tutorials on photo tips for bloggers have proved to be so useful.
I have only recently started following Sharon from Perfect Days both on her blog and her Facebook page, and have been particularly enjoying  her crochet updates on her Chocolate Sundae and Granny Stripe blankets. I also LOVE the way Sharon has organised all of her wool swatches - such a great idea.
I really hope you get a minute to call in and visit their gorgeous blogs
... you'll be glad you did !
And finally finally ....
if you haven't already entered don't forget to leave me a little comment as your entry
 to my Bloggy Birthday Giveaway.
Two winners will be picked out of a hat next week.
Don't be shy - I would love you to pop in and say hello.


  1. It was so lovely to read a bit more about you Kate and to see what you are currently working on. I love how you send your girls off with their own blanket and how you gift blankets to friends and family as well, they are just like big hugs from you really! xx

    1. That's exactly what they are Amy - big blankets of hugs !
      K x

  2. I love this blog and I love the blankets, your so talented. The cosy shaded part in your garden is a good idea and I have one as well. Mine is a hammock under a shelter on the decking. Ideal. Also I love caravanning as well and I will have to make blankets and cushions for mine. Happy Pootling ....

    1. Thank you Amanda for your lovely words, and thanks for dropping by. See you again soon, K x

  3. What beautiful blankets you make, they really are. I love the muted greens, deep red and cream together as well, so very striking.

    1. Thank you CJ, I'm still not quite as colourful as Jules @ Little Woollie but I think I'm getting there in my own way ! K x

  4. your work is so very calming, I love the colours you use! Lovely to learn more about you, I'm a relatively new follower but love reading your blog! xx

    1. Hello Helen, thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I've just popped over to your blog too !
      K x

  5. Ahhh, lovely post, but I knew it would be! :-) I love seeing all your beautiful blankets, the little hearts are just such a perfect touch! Thank you for sharing! Chrissie xxx

    1. Ah thanks Chrissie and thank you again for inviting me to join in with the Blog Hop,
      K x

  6. A lovely post, Kate. I enjoyed reading more about you and seeing your gorgeous crochet inspiring! I used to be a knitter too but since I discovered crochet it has taken over! I love your idea of adding a little heart to your daughters' blankets, that is such a sweet touch.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you Helen, I have recently rediscovered knitting and its been nice to go between that and crochet - like you though crochet wins ! K x

  7. Hi Kate, what a fabulous post! I love all your blankets and your choice of colours. Adding the hearts is the most perfect finishing touch. I am sure that they are much treasured by your daughters! Sarah xo

  8. I love the idea of attaching a little heart to your daughter's blankets Kate, I'd never noticed that before. Your new 'squares' blanket is lovely, such calming colours. I've enjoyed reading yours and all the other blog hop posts, such a great idea. Have a good week.
    Jane x

    1. Thank you Jane, we're all a little heart mad round here so they do feature quite heavily in our house !
      Have a good weekend,
      K x

  9. Lovely to read about the way you work Kate. Can I ask which pattern you've used for the shawl, it's lovely.

    I'm a bad mummy, not a one of mine had/will have a mum made blanket for uni. Kudos to you for managing three!

    1. Hi Annie , the shawl pattern was from a JuJu Loops pattern book, this link will take you to the post I wrote about the details:
      Have a good weekend,
      K x

  10. I love the muted colours you use, but I do like the blanket with the red too! The mix of knitted and crochet squares is very effective.
    Caz xx

    1. Thank you Caz, I think I've fallen in love with that particular colour combination as I seem to keep coming back to it.
      K x

  11. Hi Katie Thank you for entering my little giveaway I have really enjoyed pulling this together and can't wait to see whose name comes out of the hat. I'm also excited as you will be drawing the name to your giveaway next week yeah. I do like you're little green friend he's gorgeous. I'm liking the colours of your latest blanket too. Infact all your blankets are full of such gorgeousness when they are all sat together you are a clever bean.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  12. This was such an interesting read Kate! I love knowing what makes people tick and why they are drawn to certain styles, colours or projects. Thank you so much for the tag and your kind words. And many apologies it took me this long to comment, life is a whirlwind at the moment. Xx

  13. Hi Kate, lovely to read your hopping post, you have made so many beautiful blankets, I think I will try and make one for each of my boys when they leave home too, such a nice idea. I really enjoyed reading about your creative process, it really does make me feel like I am getting to know you even though you're on the other side of the world!!! Thanks for the lovely shout out about my stuff, I hope my hopping post is as interesting as yours! Have a great week, Julie x

  14. Fantastic post Kate! Puts mine to shame [yes, I finally did it, late but hey ho lol]. Thank you for nominating me and for your kind words re my blog.

    Much love

    Sharon xx [Perfect Days]

  15. A lovely post and lovely to learn a little more about you xoxo


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