Verb: pootle
poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Monday, 20 January 2014

A little bit of calm...

After all the busy, busy, busy ness of the last few weeks suddenly a weekend of calm.
No evenings out, no entertaining, no visitors.... nothing.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE a houseful of fun and madness and chaos but every once in a while...
ahhhhh.... how lovely to just stop.
So this was me, Friday evening, starting my weekend of nothingness crocheting
 my blanket of the moment.
 It was whilst I was sat doing this that a thought occurred to me...
have I maybe got a bit of a thing for bobbles ? 
Quite possibly it would seem !

This thought led to another thought - what if I put bobbles in the Pinterest search ..... 
well, several hours later and I now have a Pinterest board entirely devoted to 
bobbles in all their wonderfulness.
And then, what about all my other favourite things ....
 and that was Friday evening pretty much done.
Oh , the joys of Pinterest.
 Sooo much to look at and drink in, so many things that spark the smallest little flame of inspiration.
My head was full to bursting with it all, in the most lovely buzzy way.
A very quick little Saturday pootle, a bit out of my comfort and colour zone but the 
perfect present for some friends who have a beautiful Salon in Bradford-on-Avon that has just been expanded and  relaunched this weekend.
I found the little flower pattern on Ravelry, one of Sandra's from Cherry Heart.
I knew I wanted to make something garlandy and the idea just sort of developed as I went along.
Flowers, front and back, a double wool chain of the two colours, and a handful of silver bells.

The garland now hangs on the door of the salon, jingling with the arrival of each customer.
Last weekend I had a go at making the "easiest bread in the world" that Lucy had written about
 on Attic 24 recently and it certainly, most definitely lived up to all expectations. The last batch lasted precisely 10 minutes so this weekends loaf was a little bigger.
I'm truly not a great or enthusiastic cook, as I like quick, simple and easy. 
This is pretty much the perfect recipe for someone like me.
I made the dough when I got in from work on Friday and stuck it in the boiler cupboard overnight all ready to be popped in the oven on Saturday morning to go with homemade vegetable soup for lunch.

Now at this point the house had been quiet for a whole 12 hours ( too quiet, not normal, bit odd ) ... so after a quick phone call to Mum and Dad we had a busy house again and more seats around the kitchen table.

Dad did ask what the bread was like toasted for breakfast, well we may never know as it just doesn't hang around long enough for us to find out.

Quiet and calm was soon resumed and crochet was picked up and worked on to 
the rhythm of a purring Itsy-Bitsy.
True therapy.

My scarf addiction is progressing nicely and my odds and ends of wool are definitely decreasing. 
The red one was made using some left over Sublime Merino DK.
 I think this is one of my favourite wools to work with, I just love everything about it, 
and it has certainly made a beautifully soft, warm scarf.

Sun on Sunday !
I can't remember the last time I pootled around the garden. 
Still quite definitely a 'wellies on' occasion but how lovely just to potter.
A little sorting of pots,

and filling of bird feeders,

and a lovely dog splosh through he fields.

The perfect end to a perfect weekend ? ...

... in bed by 8:50pm with a good book.
True, it wasn't a weekend living the high life but it was every bit as good.


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I saw Lucy's bread too and I'm thinking that may be a good one for me to try next time I'm thinking home made soup and bread... I love the sublime merino wool. I have just bought some recently now just thinking what to make with it.

    1. Hi Mitzi,
      I cannot recommend the No Knead Bread enough - it is sooooo easy and extremely yummy !

  2. What a lovely way to use those flowers, what a good idea! (And thank you for the shout out too!) I thought I'd pop over and say hi and thank you for visiting me and leaving me a lovely comment. I love your blog header by the way, such a sweet picture :)

    S x

    1. Hi Sandra
      Thanks for popping by. The flower pattern you wrote was so easy to follow - thank you.
      I am soooo loving following your blog !

  3. Hmm, yes, I think that you have a thing for bobbles and also a thing for scarves. BUT!! I think they are lovely things to have a thing for and lots of fun!! The garland you made for your friends is so pretty, it must be a very pretty addition to their salon. I spotted that you had been doing lots of pinning - as I follow you - I must take a look and see what you have been looking at! xx

  4. It all sounds utterly blissful. You still have lots of water where you are, I hope it drains away soon. I absolutely love the garland with the bells, such a lovely idea. The scarves are beautifully done too. Hope you have a similarly lovely week.

    1. Hi CJ
      It was a lovely change - back in full on work mode though by 7:30am Monday !

  5. Ooooooh! Quiet weekend - sounds blissful. Ours are hectic just now, so I'll just enjoy yours! If you don't mind too much.
    Bobble socks cute btw

    1. Hi Steph
      Thanks for popping by. I have just been taking a little peep at your lovely blog, so much gorgeous crochet ! LOVE your pom pom hearts !

  6. Hi There,
    I too am waiting for the 'quiet'. We only have one week left of the six week school holidays. It has been lovely but I am looking forward to routine again.
    Since your last post about scarves. You got me pondering and I have tackled my LARGE stash of wool and made a few scarves too. Middle of Summer, possibly a little mad but I wanted something quick and satisfying to do. I am wishing for Winter now so I can wear them.
    Thanks for always sharing your ideas, I love your blog.

    1. Hi Lisa
      How are you ? Scarves are great aren't they, so quick to do ! Enjoy your quiet when it arrives.

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend to me!

  8. It truly was , don't think there'll be another one like it for a while - The calendar seems to be filling up already !!
    Thanks for popping by,
    K x

  9. Ooh it sounds like you had the most perfect weekend of pootling. Friday night and Pinterest sounds just perfect, it is just so addictive isn't it. I must say I have gotten better with it now I used to be really bad in the beginning but now I just go and look whenever I am after something specific and in fact I did a little this weekend myself, after some colour inspiration for our living room. Your scarf is looking amazing, love the colours you chose and also love your pretty flower garland, Sandra's patterns are really easy to use and I do like her work. I can't believe you already did a bit of pottering in the garden, wow, youre putting me to shame. I just look at mine and think in good time, but to be honest it could do with a loving hand. Your garden looks really pretty as does your home! Hope you have a lovely week sweetie xoxo

  10. Ooh hello Hanapat, yes it was the best. I totally agree with you that it would be very easy to become a PInterest addict - everything in moderation as they say !!
    You have a lovely week too,

  11. What a perfect weekend! I love your crochet blanket and scarves...and all your bobbles too! Your garland of flowers and silver bells is a gorgeous idea!
    Helen xx

  12. Bobbles! I might just have to have my own Pinterest board dedicated to them, brilliant idea! All of your crochet is gorgeous, the garland is such pretty colours, and with bells too! (Equally enchanting...maybe 'Bobbles & Bells' Pinterest board?) I love a bit of quiet, glad you enjoyed it! Chrissie x

  13. Such a blissful post Kate...I do love the welcome calmness that comes with January,,.Your makes are gorgeous as always your blanket (and the bobbles!) and I plan to make some garlands to decorate my craftroom...they look so pretty!
    Your bread looks of my daughters is the breadmaker in our house so I shall pass on the recipe!
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x
    P.S I'm a Sublime yarn fan too and your scarves look wonderfully soft and cosy...x

  14. Hi Kate, sounds like you had the perfect weekend - calm is definitely good for the soul. Love all the crochet, it looks beautifully worked - so neat. The bread looks delicious - I gotta make some! Thanks for sharing all these lovely ideas. Have a good week.
    Jane xx

  15. A lovely post Kate! Your bobbly blanket is looking so good, as is that bread, yum.
    Marianne x


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