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poo-t(u)l To move in a leisurely unhurried way,
with no real purpose

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Deck the halls ....

Lots and lots of fun this weekend - it's Christmas decoration time !
I love everything about it, getting the boxes down from the loft,
discovering all my favourite things over again and then setting to.
I think its the feeling of anticipation of things to come,
of special times ahead with family and friends.

First off, the tree.
Every year my lovely other half tries to persuade me that
an artificial tree would be worth investing in- NO !
It so wouldn't.
 It has to be totally 100% real.
So lots of huffing and puffing and roof rack discussions are inevitable,
 followed by a good half an hour of holding up trees
 to see if they're the right shape,
tall enough, bushy enough etc.
A bit more huffing and puffing follows.
But eventually the deal is done and the chosen tree
 is brought home in all its glorious realness -
the smell, the prickliness, the sticky sap on your fingers and
 the pine needles on the carpet
 - all as it should be.
I find it almost impossible to resist buying a couple of new decorations
 each year and this years new additions are some
tin stockings and some little wooden robins.
But always , always the old favourites take their place.
I made this angel many, many moons ago and despite a
few little murmurs over the years suggesting we buy
something new she has resolutely held her position at the top of the tree.
The fireplace comes next.
Fairy lights are pretty much a permanent feature here all year round
( fairy lights are for life, not just Christmas, right ?)
so just a sparkly mistletoe garland and  a few bells for good measure.
Last years new decoration addition was this exceptionally cute 
little reindeer and he just fits perfectly on the mantelpiece too.

The mirror above the fireplace just needs an evergreen garland and a
few little angels hovering overhead.
 I think these little angels are almost my favourite decorations of all.
They're called ragbag angels and I bought them so long ago I can't
actually remember where they were from.
I love that they are made from little scraps of fabric,
buttons and beads and have jingly bells for their feet.

 Then its a quick whizz round with a bay leaf garland,
 pine cones and some cinnamon sticks for the dresser,

 and out with the crochet robins and miniature stockings
 in the TV room - oh, and more fairy lights.

 This little Nativity Crib is a very special Christmas decoration.
 Mum and Dad brought it back from Bethlehem for me.
 Its made from olive wood, is very simple and natural and I love it.
Nearly there now, just one more room to go,
quite possibly the most important room as its the one I'll be spending
a fair bit of time in ... the kitchen.
Here its all about the Christmas Pixies,
and once they're out Christmas must well and
truly be on its way.
My little collection has built up over the years .

I wonder what a group of pixies is known as.. a possy of pixies maybe ?
Or even, what a collector of Pixies is called, a Pixieologist ?
Who knows ?

 A bit of red spotty bunting, some fairy lights, of course,
 and that's pretty much job done.
My kitchen is now officially Christmas Pixie Land.
Hooray !

Oh, and there just might be another set of fairy lights
 on the other side of the kitchen too.
And there it is, all done...
on to the Christmas cards, the shopping, the wrapping.....


  1. I like your decorations. Most of mine are things I have had for years. I just buy one or two to add each year. :)

    1. Thanks Jacky, I hope you've enjoyed your decorating as much as I did mine.
      Thanks for dropping by,
      Kate x

  2. All of your decorations are so beautiful and so "Kate"!! I love your angels and pixies (you are a great pixiologist and angelologist!). We errected our tree today, but no decorations yet, perhaps tomorrow night! I decorate my kitchen and my family think I am mad, so I'm glad to have found a fellow kitchen decorator! Everything you have done really is so lovely. xx

    1. Hello Amy
      Thank you for your lovely comments and I hope you enjoy decorating your tree this evening. Don't forget to put the Christmas music on !
      Kate x

  3. Your decorations look lovely Kate. I laughed when I read the bit about the tree - it all sounded so familiar! Love your angels and pixies - I've got a thing about angels and like you, I made my tree angel a long time ago, when my girls were small and she still takes pride of place. Have a good week.
    Jane x

  4. Thank you Jane, it just wouldn't be the same would it without the Christmas Tree domestic !
    Kate x

  5. It all looks so gorgeous and sparkly and cosy. We have a fake tree which I don't really like that much, but is does the job. Every year I campaign for a real tree but my husband says no, we have a perfectly good one in the loft...I'd stick to your real tree, nothing beats the smell. x

    1. Hi Gillian
      yes, I think I'm going to dig my heels in on that one for a few years to come !
      Kate x

  6. Love your wee Pixies!!!!
    Lovely blog, Kate♥
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda
      I have just discovered your blog through the comment you left on my blog - don't you just love this world of blogging !!
      LOVE your blog.
      So funny , I was at a wreath making afternoon yesterday run by a Canadian guy and he kept talking about this thing called a toque - I really couldn't understand what he meant because he was referring to what we call a bobble hat !! is a toque the same thing ? Would love the pattern if you have one.
      Thank you for dropping by,
      Kate x

    2. I forgot to add.....I have wee lights in my kitchen as well!!!
      I will post the link for the hat, as others have asked as well....
      That means you will have to come back again!! haha!

      Linda :o)

  7. Oh-so-pretty! LOVE all your decs and I'm so with you on the fairy lights thing :-)
    We put up the tree at the weekend too, but just a wee one as we'll be away for Christmas - your gorgeous little crochet decs are hanging up and feeling right at home here. Thanks again, I love them.
    Have a happy week,
    Hugs xx

  8. Hi Gilly
    I'm glad you're still enjoying your decorations, I am loving seeing mine everyday at work.
    Have a good day,
    Kate x

  9. Oh your home looks gorgeous, so festive and pretty! I love all your sweet decorations.
    Marianne xx

  10. Gorgeous festive loveliness Kate! (and your little fairy definitely belongs there at the top of the tree...she's gorgeous!) and how lovely to have a little crib all the way from Bethlehem..x
    Now I really need to make a start on our house this evening as everyone else is so organised!...We have our tree ready to be can't beat a real one as you say despite the ordeal of getting it home!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Susan x

    1. Hello Susan
      Enjoy your Christmas decorating.
      K x

  11. Oh Kate your fairy is so sweet and the Pixie's squeal!!!! I love fairy lights too, they have to be white for me. I have very fond memories of going with my Dad to choose the tree. Enjoy the build up to Christmas!!! Sarah xo

  12. It's all looking lovely!

    Do the pixies help with the cooking ? ;)

    1. Hi Annie
      Wouldn't that be lovely if they did ! x


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